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When you get online again you can download this podcast and cry some more.


When you're back, please write something about Drag Race and Sutan's presence on it. (Also about how the first queen eliminated, Venus D-Lite, looked exactly like ANTM 12's fatty street preacher London.)


Rich has made a Drag Race gif wall and has an interview with Ru up on the VH1 blog.


I love your current banner. Beautiful.


OMG - that NYMag story killed me. I have read it three times. So unbelievably sad on every level...


Hope this week is better, dude. I know those weeks well.


But are you down like syndrome? Or like basement?

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My God, those poor, poor people. There's so much pain, all around, and I feel like every single one of them was a victim: Travis, being trapped into something not even remotely resembling a natural environment; Sandy, wanting so badly to love and be loved and yet losing everyone in the end; and poor, poor Charla. I saw that Oprah, and I cried and cried. She has so much grace, so much poise. I really hope she can find some peace, that they can control her pain and help her... I don't know. Help her.

I don't know if I should thank you for posting the link to that story or hate you, but the fact that you cried at it tells me a lot about you. You're a good guy, Rich. I'm glad I read you.


I remember hearing about this story in the news but never really knew the intimate details behind it. It's one of the saddest things I have read. The poor lady who kept the chimp seemed like a hoarder and needed someone to love, not to mention the tragedy of Charla's condition. Hopefully current chimp owners will think seriously about whether keeping one at home is a safe idea. Thanks for sharing, Rich.

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