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I made a passing comment to my co-worker once about how sick I was of music lately being about "in da club" when an eavesdropping customer chimed in with "Oh but isn't it great? It's like I'm in the club all the time!" without a trace of irony.


That being said I was just as surprised with the dubsetp coming into a Britney song. But I looooove it.


STANDING OVATION! I'm so glad you love this track. Another blogger described it as having an "ass-raping beat" - you were far more eloquent. :)


Britney first used dubstep on Freakshow from Blackout. Oops, she did it again!


very good review.. in my opinion a very risky dark different and perfect pop track that contains so many good elements!!

Draylen R.

Britney can still entertain us when she wants to, and this is clearly her best lead-off single of an album since "Gimme More." (would "3" count since it was off of a compilation album?) In any event, this song is pure magic and I have to admit that I thought Britney's crew would be unable to make a lasting pop masterpiece, especially on the eve of Gaga's upcoming release, but they proved me wrong! Pure greatness and I'm ecstatic that you love it, Rich!




What is wrong with pop music today? This song is TERRIBLE. I guess Britney could fart throughout the whole song and people would pay to dance to it.


I LOVE this song — more than anything on Circus (excepting Womanizer, perhaps).

My favorite line is the one you laugh at: "Cause you feel like paradise / And I need a vacation tonight!” I love the double enjambment here: it could end after the simple simile ("You feel like paradise" — fair enough), but then we get the expansion of "his" paradise into a location to which she wants to travel ("And I need a vacation"), then —through a very subtle syncopation — we get the sharp "tonight" that re-grounds the expanded simile. Gives me chills!

Then again, it's just a joy to hear her voice — to hear her singing confidently / sounding not-crazy. She's like an old friend to all of us who were 13 when "Baby One More Time" came out.


LOVE it! Waiting anxiously for my radio station to begin overplaying it ASAP.


Great review Rich!


Fabulous review. When you think about how great her great singles truly are--"Baby One More Time," "Toxic," "Gimme More," "Womanizer," and now this--she's a more respectable pop star than you might think. It's a bit weird that her recent work is even better than her earlier stuff, considering how checked out she has clearly been for as many years now.

Golden J

I've seriously been playing this on repeat nonstop since Monday. It's incredible. And I think the parts of the chorus where the beat drops out entirely are the secret weapon, because it gives you a break from what could be monotony while simultaneously making you crave the beat that much more. And there's a real sense of drama when it goes from that into the dubstep breakdown into the half-time buildup into the final chorus stomp.

Glad you love it too!


Rich, ever heard of Girls Aloud? They're from the UK, definitely manufactured in that they were put together on TV in in Idol-like way (Popstars: The Rivals). They've far outlasted any usual time constraints on this type of group (2002-2009, they're on a much-deserved hiatus, since they released singles, albums and toured non-stop). Anyway, point is, and you touched on this, they've been making the music that Circus and this new album will likely sound like. Perhaps, they're more "Electro-Pop" and less dub-step, but they've put out some tracks that sound like the ancestor's of "Womanizer" and "Against". I'd suggest listening to "Something Kinda Ooooh" and "Sexy? No no no..." - they work, I believe, exclusively with Xenomania as their producers and writers. They're lyrics are almost always cheeky and nonsensical fun, but I look for that in pop music, I know not everyone does. Anyway - just wanted to drop a suggestion if you were looking for one, and I think Girls Aloud are pretty deserving of the title of hardest working girl group of the last decade.


Forgot to add that what I like about GA is most of their work forgoes that usual Verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus setup, and they're producers really mix it up, and also that I think "Pop" music has been shit in the US for a long time now, and that the UK has done it better since the late 90's. Only perhaps Britney & Gaga have put out decent pop.

Oh, and embarrassingly enough, I still think Hilary Duff's "Dignity" album is all sorts of perfection. (but feels far more British than American.


Personally, I think this song sounds like a club version of one of her earlier songs, "Born to Make You Happy", especially with the rhythm of the chorus. Not my favorite, but eh, it's ok.




I find the intro/post chorus verses intriguing, the chorus is ok, and the bridge is a real buzzkill. There are multiple versions of this track, I like her on this best though, her voice is cute. I find the song disposable.


@Michael...You have perfectly described the brilliance of Girls Aloud. I think that they are pure POP perfection in every sense of the word. Any Pop fan should expose themselves to Girls Aloud. I LOVE them!!!Britney is the American equivelent of Pop Perfection. It's nice to see her trying new things. This review of her song, definetly made made me appreciate "Hold it Against Me" a lot more.


I hadn't heard this until reading the review - I love it!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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I don't mind this song and find it quite listenable, but the praise is a bit heavy here, sorry.

It's got a good beat and throws a few unexpected twists and turns in for us. That's it. We can all agree the lyrics are ridiculous (although after a month I still get a good chuckle out of the vacation/paradise lines, not that it would have been intended that way), and her not mentioning the word "club" does not in fact earn her extra points.

Certainly doesn't compare to "Baby One More Time" or "Toxic" in terms of attaining 'classic' status. I'd even take "Gimme More" over this.

kate welsh

Great, great, great! What more can I say?

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