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January 05, 2011



bwahaha, I am so happy that Margo turned out to be as batshit crazy as she came across in the movie!


I'm really happy there's an ANTM connection -- throw in an acerbic hip-hop song criticism and a shot of Winston and it's Rich in a nutshell!


Shandi's shown up a lot of places since ANTM, but rarely in a professional capacity (or at least not that I've seen). I spotted her in the picture accompanying this Times article a few years ago:



Whoa it's a good thing I didn't notice Shandi when I saw this film. I would have made quite a spectacle of myself in the theater. One that would rival Margo Prey's impression of her noisy neighborhood.


Wow, I totally did not pick up on Shandi's appearance when I saw this in the theater!


This was a great doumentary, really interesting seeing how these people deal with this kind of unfame. Got more than I expected on this one. glad you saw it.

and that was Shandi?...wow. Best worst model ever.


The directors reactions made the film. Him shouting at the panel discussion? It was so wonderfully cringe worthy.

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