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January 04, 2011


Vanessa M

Your first Beyonce Experience montage is still one of my favorite things ever on this blog. Or maybe it was the montage for the second video. Both such treasuries of gif-worthy moments.

Also, JC Chasez is that you in...wtf is Florianopolis? (apparently a smallish city in Southern Brazil.)


I could watch her walk like Oprah walking like Tina Turner all day long.

Also, I am not sure if she does her own choreography (or her mom does) but she is such a spazzy dancer. The new Vizio commercial she is in is just frightening. Who comes up with this crap?


Omg, cannot unsee the Ja Rule.

south beach java

this photo must have been edited in the photoshop...


Floripa isn't a smallish city, it's a big capital it's just that Rio eclipses the whole continent.

J Sweet

I feel like she took the Mariah and Whitney thing and professionalized the shit out of it. And so it's just, um, professional.
But I did learn some things I didn't know from this, like the fact that Beyonce covers You Oughta Know (the ramifications of which are so mediocre as to not merit any further discussion but good to know as a fact in my brain) and the fact that Beyonce, is, in fact, Aslan.


I'm not buying her tears.

They're falling straight down from the middle of her eye, whereas whenever I see somebody cry they come out of the inside corner of the eye.

Still love her though, and hoping for a Destiny's Child reunion album.


I didn't like this concert or DVD as much as the previous one. She didn't mix up the older songs enough and frankly, there were too many ballads and not enough of those smokin' hot male back up dancers wearing next to nothing.


I totally agree with kat about the vizio commercial. Her dance moves look like some kind of karate move. Like, she's about to knock your head off with her damn abdomen.


Yeah, she's obviously going for that apparent Michael Jackson-level of manic worship, meaning that's how she wants us to perceive her. I feel like those segments of the overzealous stans are the results of precise editing, whereas you know for a fact those people were really out there in droves with Michael. I spoze it's just a matter of time before the industry gets the press release instructing everybody to refer to her as The King Of Pop.


I doubt that's just editing. In saw her concert in Seoul, and, believe me, the hysteria was real.

Not into devil worshiping b

That is not a tiger eye, that is the eye of horus, it's pure evil, along with the triangle that she is throwing up courtesy of her handler camel z, all of her fools, I mean following idiots, look like they are in hell, look at the one idiot with the shirt on that she has of the devil, with the motorcycle bike plate on it, she is as fake and plastic, and evil as they come, you all need to stop listening to her music and looking at her music videos, she is not a real person, she is a satanic devil sent here to help send you to hell, a very real place, where it's hot, and there won't be no water, you better get right and go to church get saved and pray.


Can you do a Pot Psychology/interview with the commenter above me? Thank you. Great post.

Not into devil worshiping b

To sj, you are the one who is lost, the information is out there on your girl bey, I ain't falling for her bs you can worship her and let her lead you straight to hell, all you got to do if you don't believe me go these websites right here:1)the vigilant citizen, in the know 7, mk ultra pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com the industry exposed, type in rapper bizzle on your precious bey and her handler, if you sj don't like what someone has to say about your girl not mine find out why they are saying what they are saying about her, find out exactly what the eye of horus means, find out why she does what she does to cause reactions like mine, if anyone needs a psychology interview honey it is you. your lost thinking that every litttle thing she does is great when it's not.

Not into devil worshiping b

she looks like a over the top evil cartoon character throwing up an evil triangle, sj you better learn how to recognize evil when you see it, I did, I use to be like you,I had to learn, I had to be shown and proven what was extreme evil, I was never a stan of hers like you, but, I did like 1 or 2 of her songs, I found out all of this on her just last january 2010, I have gone to all of those websites I posted for you to look at and quite a few more, especially www.theindustryexposed.com, and read this on this website http://ww.fununzip.com/the-illuminati-symbolism-inmusic-society-part-3/. open up your mind and learn something when somebody tells you and shows you the truth, of this evil world, you will be the type to fall for the nwo=new world order, that your girl harpo is into.


Oh my GOD, please be real, "Not into devil worshiping b," and not just some performance art stunt.

don't want to be like b

lil richard it's obvious you don't believe in the truth of what your beloved beyonce is, she is evil in a pretty package, but can her pretty package save your soul?, from going straight to hell.Believe in her all you want. If you want to be a dummy when the truth is out there about your girl, then be my guest, I can't think for you, and I can't force you to face the truth about her, so keep on stanning for her, but does she care about you no, keep on buying her music, clothes, perfume, tickets to her concerts throw your money away on your idol.

Vanessa M

Neglected in '10: Satanic conspiracies for all the single ladies.

kate welsh

Those tears doesn't become her


@not into devil worshiping b
Tx for shoutout! Yes she's mesmerizing, yrs of ritual abuse (Mind Kontrolle Prog'mg)creates this ability. Bey's not alone, most of your fav pop stars/Hollywood celebs are Mind Kontrolle slaves, under command of sadistic controllers eg Clive Davis (Whitney Houston) -- just because your not aware, doesn't mean it's not true -- they've been created/presented for our distraction/amusement/entertainment. See how deep the rabbit hole goes...


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