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January 07, 2011



Rich, you've done it again! I made a "Balls to you!" ringtone from your vid for my own personal amusement. BALLS TO ME! Dear god, this is too good.


Oh my GOD! Liza is perfect in every way. I literally can't even...

Vanessa M

"I was divorcing....somebody." Oh Liza, I just adore you. Balls to us all.


I cannot stop laughing, I need to get that "BALLS TO YOU" as my text message notification sound.


I need more of this woman in my life. As much as humanly possible.

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God I laughed my ass off at this video.


So funny! Rich please do a montage of her vertigo moments from Arrested Development?


psht, can we get a crazy old man post? I actually think she is an amazing, expressive, cool person. Why is that 'crazy'? ;p

Shaking crying cumming etc.

Rich, as a hardened Godney stan I need to hear your thoughts on the new Britney song please!

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That's the real meaning of life. Enjoy even the smallest and simplest things.

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kate welsh

BALLS TO YOU! Liz is someone I will forever admire!

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I like this person always. She speaks fluent on what she does in her life.

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