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I have wanted to watch this movie for YEARS and YEARS after reading about it in some obscure film guide. I had no idea it was available on DVD, sadly netflix made me put it in the "saved" section, so I might just have to track it down otherwise. I LOVE Carol Kane and her crazy voice.


thank you for this. it is now going on my netflix que. as for crazy flicks, have you seen Santa Sangre (by Jodorowsky and unfortunately not on DVD)) or Dr. Caligari (not the cabinet one, the movie from the 80's by the same folks who did Cafe flesh).


Well, this looks like a must see. Thank you so much for this review.


Unbelievable! I've been obsessed with this film since the early 1980s when my best friend and I taped it on VHS from the tv and watched the horribly grainy copy repeatedly throughout the years. We named one of my cats 'the mafu' When I ask anyone if they have seen it & try to describe it... they just stare blankly.
I'm often amazed at the synchronicity of your taste in media to my own, but this truly beats all.... no one has even heard of this! Maybe because the copy I have titles the film 'My Sister, My Love'. I've never been able to find it again, but then I never looked for 'The Mafu Cage'
This is great, thanks for helping me find this in dvd format... I can't wait to see it clearly for the first time!


Carol Kane was so cuuuute. Too bad it's a "save" on Netflix--that means I'll never see it. :)

sarah g

So unimaginable, it doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry.

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Touch me in the morning and just walk away.... This one is the top of my long list of creepy lesbian Carole Kane movies! Like scrooged!


i JUST bought this dvd a few weeks ago when i was having a Carol Kane Is Funny-Looking Festival.

I tripped balls. LOVED it. Kickass commentary on it, dude. rock on!

Health Blog

I think you are right when you say this. Hats off man, what a superlative knowledge you have on this subject…hope to see more work of yours.

kate welsh

I love the costumes but i can't say the same for the movie, errrr.


What a flashback! I saw this in the theater when it first came out. Believe it or not, there are others like it, like Naasha Kinski's Cat
People, which came out about the same time.

These movies would be considered edgy to the point of shocking now. I despise gratuitous animal abuse, but in the case of the Mafu cage, the wardrobe and cinematography were so beautiful they managed to over ride some of the more offensive parts of the movie.

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