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My God, it's Kristen Wiig.


John - you beat me to it! As soon as she was singing along, and moving her body awkwardly, I realized... Kristen Wiig studied this video for hours - and she owes her career to this. And I mean that with affection, as Kristen Wiig (and maybe Keenan Thompson) are about the only things that get my laughs on SNL anymore.


OMG I thought I was going to be so original (there are only two comments how many of them could be about Kristin Wiig?). But yes she is exactly like Kristin Wiig except she is real. Crazytown.


I assume you've already seen this, but IRREGARDLESS:

Andy S. aka 'O'

DYING at that video.

Vanessa M

I may have to buy this as I'm a big fan of working out at home and fitness exercise DVD's. I shudder to admit this but I even OWNED that Cher video you mention. It was predictably terrible so I probably worked out to it only once but I still remember Cher telling her flunkies to shut up for her favorite songs. Which I think were frequently hers.

Someone tried to loan me a Jazzercise video but, well, you saw that chick. Who could work out to all of that? I suppose this is irrelevant but her form on some of those moves is also titanically poor. I hope he included some clips of Richard Simmons doing his "sizzle" move.

Oh God, I'm so embarrassed I know all of this.


Utterly mesmerizing. I can only guess the level of rapture you felt as you watched this.

You're all gifted, kindred spirits.


Judi Shepherd Missett: Still a maniac, now with heaps of plastic surgery.


But first.... I just want to point out that when I was about 8 my mom used to get this mom of a kid in my class to watch me after school - she was a platinum blonde Jazzercise instructor, who once taught our third grade class a routine to "2 Legit 2 Quit", and I used to have to play with her awful and nerdy son while she taught classes.

He's all grown up now and lives in a communal living space in Oakland and runs around trying to keep the man at bay, preaching about oppression and writing blog posts about how he spent 15 days in silent meditation. He used the word "reflection" a lot.

Conclusion: This stuff is dangerous.


She's a skeleton! A really perky, whimsical skeleton!


OMG it's even better than the cowboy hiphop. I have no idea who that lady is but she frightens me.


oh jesus, i had that cher tape too.


I need this on DVD, it might make me actually want to exercise.


this is absolutely magnificent.

must buy DVD nao

Health Blog

I think you are right when you say this. Hats off man, what a superlative knowledge you have on this subject…hope to see more work of yours.


OMG - we HAD this at my house when i was growing up! i wouldn't be surprised if my mom STILL has it somewhere. so funny! i distinctly recall that whole coffee routine.

kate welsh

The poster rocks! great one!

kids work out video

I would recommend this to my friends who needs to have this workout.
She really needs this for her own good to achive healthy and fit body.

Rugged Maniac

You rock! haha..whimsical skeleton!


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