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February 13, 2011



Thank you!!! Finally another voice of reason. This is a wonderfully written response to so many people who are hating for the sake of hating.


Brilliant Rich! Thank you so much for this -- you articulated what I could only sense up until now and had began to doubt . . . it's hypersincerity makes it easy to criticize. But it is solid, consistent, and gorgeous, and still sincere.


but rather boring.... for a supposed anthem!!


I have to disagree with you when you argue that the racist words "chola" and "Orient" should be ignored because Lady Gaga needed words to fit in the song. It sounds like a weak excuse to me. She's not a bigot of any sort, but there's no actual reason to use these words in the first place. It sounds like laziness if she has to resort to words with such connotations in a song about acceptance. It's also ironic.

My take on the song is completely different; I found the song to be simple and forgettable, even dated. What struck me as odd is that Gaga wrote the song telling every one that it's a gay anthem. Isn't that up to the gay community to decide what their anthem is or will be?

I'm not trying to convince anyone not to like this song, since taste is very subjective and people ought to enjoy the music they like. I just wanted to point out a couple issues I had with your review.


Taken in the context you illustrated, 'Born This Way' does work well in it's exuberance and decidedly uncool vibe. It's sincere and goofy and endearing.

But in a general sense, it's a big let down. As the first single from an eagerly awaited follow up to a worldwide pop titan album, it's surprisingly lackluster. The first 15 or so seconds set you up for a song that never really delivers and pales to Gaga's previous singles...as well as many of her album tracks.

So while I appreciate the sentiment and may have loved this as an album track, in today's 'MASSIVE. FIRST. SINGLE.' climate, it's a dud. Maybe that's not a fair mentality...but given the amount of hype this song has received the last 6 months (like, unprecedented as far as I can remember) and Gaga's own declarations, I'd say it was perfectly reasonable to expect something more than a generic early 90s hi-NRG track (not even attempting a 'neo hi-NRG', which would've been interesting).

Yes, this song has its 'haters' who are going to diss it no matter what... but overall, the song is receiving a backlash purely on it's own merits.



I dunno who you think you're speaking for on behalf of the racism in chola. I live in East LA and gangster girls embrace that word with pride.


Freakin' hate this song. It sounds just totally empty, or like a funhouse mirror version of a pop anthem.

Golden J

Thank you WWB for the articulate, well-thought-out response to Rich's equally articulate and well-thought-out defense of Gaga's song. I guess you're both right, but I take WWB's side in this.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's an decent song and I'll definitely sing and dance along to it at the club, but hearing it isn't going to make my night or anything.

I'd like to hear more people's thoughts about Gaga's perception as an "innovator." It seems to me that her insane fashion choices have caused people to think her music is somehow insane, left-field, or ridiculously forward-thinking. It's not. It's very, very good pop music with a europop bent. And I'm totally fine with that!


I think the "Born to Be Alive"/ disco/ The Saint comparison is a bit of a stretch.


Chantal - I live in East LA, too...and I think "cholas" take offense if people who aren't from the 'hood call them that. At least that's what my chola friends tell me.

However, in regards to the song, I think she was just trying to rhyme words. I personally don't care for the song. I was a fan of Gaga's in the beginning and now she just kinda gets on my nerves a little. Here's hoping for a redeeming moment in my little heart of stone.

Miss Lisa

It's missing something. Heart and soul I think it's called.


I think the "cholas" and "orient" line are offensive...imagine if she had used homophobic slurs.


No way, totally contrived song, a song that "just needs to make a rhyme" can't be that great can it? (it shows).

And someone hit the nail on the head--how dare any artist say "this is your anthem you group of people you!"


my boyfriend made some good points as we discussed it. we're so used to anthems being these coded songs that just happened to fall in place as such due to serendipity. this was written with the idea of anthem in mind and a lot of people don't like that. But since when has any mainstream artist who reaches far more households than the random indie gay artist, actually written a song, uncoded, with literal GLBT-etc support so clearly defined? as a community, all we do is tear people down, both those against us and for us. For once we have someone who actually does more than just take our money - least we forget, she actually goes and speaks out at gay events and protests. when's the last time Katy Perry, Britney Spears, or even Madonna, ever did that? (I'd say Bedtime Stores era for Madge, back when she did all the AIDS fundraisers). Is what she's doing really all that terrible, when she's doing more than just singing about the community, but actually backing up her words with some actions?

On the other hand, I for one think the song is far more reminiscent of When Love Takes Over than any Madonna song...


it's campy.


Not only did Carl Bean write and sing a song called, "Born This Way," on Motown Records, back in the 70s, it actually is a better song altogether. It, too, was also a call to arms, so to speak, for gay people. I've never been a Lady Gaga fan, and I still remain unimpressed.


When my Chinese boyfriend first heard the song a huge smile broke out all over his face when GaGa sang the word Orient. He looked at me and said "That's me!".

EZ Mac

What what what? Just because some girls in East L.A. call themselves "cholas" doesn't mean some white girl gets to call them that! Hello! A slur holds different power in the mouth of the oppressed than in the mouth of the oppressor. Sorry white people: you don't get to "reclaim" slurs seeing as they aren't yours to reclaim.

And the "my Chinese boyfriend says it's okay so it must not be racist" excuse is tired and gross.

kate welsh

This song really lacks heart and soul and essence?

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