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February 03, 2011



this sound quality is amazing. thanks for posting!


Can't believe I missed this. Thank you for posting the recordings!


ugh. she sounds really bad.


What a lukewarm yet sweaty mess she seems to be! She needs to ring up Erykah Badu & get some tips! Even though EB was an hour late last time she played London - and it was my least fav performance of the six times I've seen her - she won the crowd back with her amazing voice, humour and charm - all things LH seems to lack. EB also manages to play her new material and most of the songs she knows her fans want to hear while making them sound fresh and familiar. I'm sure she's tired of singing Tyrone but she doesn't get all passive aggressive about it with her fans. Now I'm coming over all passive aggressive but I used to be such a big fan but her and her voice seem rubbish.

Sarah G

I'm glad you had a good time but I just want her back.


Firstly, I agree with Sarah - she's ruining the perfect memory I had of her...

Secondly, it upsets me that you're going to recap another season of shitty ANTM instead of Rupaul's drag race! I love the GIF walls but I know you're just itching to say something about it..! Can't we swtich? Just for a season?

Michelle Johnson

Daaaaaaamn. I don't have much else. Dayum.


When did Lauryn turn into crack-Whitney? She scares me now, plus, after a 10 year hiatus, she should remind people why they used to love her. Even if the songs aren’t as interesting to her anymore. I mean, if she wants to keep selling tickets in the long run.


This is horrible. It seriously upsets me to watch anything she does. Such talent, such beauty...completely wasted.

I'm with ES. I've seen Erykah Badu twice and she's easily the best show I've seen in my life thus far. She's incredibly funny, knows how to talk to her audience, and her songs & voice still hold stunning untouchable emotion.


The Score was SUCH an important part of my adolescence, Miseducation less so, but it was also really important. It's hard to see her seeming so unhinged but the development and weirdness of her performances seems to work in context, in Ready or Not it seems highly important? I don't know, I'm just really jealous I wasn't there.


Lauryn is not on drugs and never has been. Also, the first video although entertaining is 7 minutes of a 2 hour plus set taken out of context. It is not even in the order in which the statements where made. Lauryn has been performing this improvisational jazz-like style since around 2005. Every performance is different. She is in control of every aspect from the band to the back-up singers. Lauryn is a brilliant artist. Yes, she does the extended version of ex-factor at every show. Lauryn does her and does it well as she suggested the audience adopt at the end of her set.

Note: Lauryn is not response for maintaining some perfect image you had of her. I think that is something you need to workout for yourself.


... but did she sing Joyful Joyful?


"...This is my message to the bacteria and flu that try to come inside my body?"



She's definitely an icon, there's no denying that. However, Rich is right. Without preservation of her past abilities, her "schtick" will inevitably become her fame-fueled, zany behavior. Sad? Somewhat. Everyone will always remember what she once was and compare it to what she is today, that's a lot of pressure and this is evidence... through and through. She crazy. I still love the girl.

Also, improvisational jazz? She IS responsible for having her shit together when she takes the stage for paying fans who've waited over four hours to see her. Therefore, let's reel it in a few feet before going over-kill defending someone who, although an artist, is gettin' paid to perform.


Wow! Ok! Where do I start with this misguided post? First of all, because she decides to shun anything that has to do with the addictive lifestyle that is behind "Hollywood Show Biz", she has to be on crack or even likened to a crackhead?? She refuses to allow anyone to alter the spiritual nature of her performances, she dresses as far from sexy as possible. We happily accept Lady Gaga in her underwear in an airport and don't call her crazy but someone want to get far away from that and they're crazy. Seems like you have a problem, dear.

It's written multiple times and even said on the video that she is sick and YET you still feel the need to comment that she sounds like rubbish. This is why she may seem to be "passive aggressive" because you're pathetic at this point. You refuse to let a person grow. It's pretty sad. The funny thing is...You will catch up. You have no choice but to catch up. She's been performing amazing arrangements of her songs that frankly you will not hear from any other rapper/singer/ composer.

Ready or Not was manipulative?? If she didn't say anything about her missing from the game then you would've complained that she didn't even say anything about her returning to the game.

if you think her show was a "rock show" then you don't know music. "I only have eyes" is not a rock song, "Final Hour" is not a rock song or rock arrangement. "Doo Wop", "Killing me softly", "Zealots", "Fugee-la", 2nd arrangement of "Ex-factor" are all not rock songs/arrangements.

You must be nuts to think that if a performer's name is posted all around the venue, where they're performing, that it's there as a personal attack to you. As if she came earlier in the day and posted them herself to prove that she's "eccentric." Her name is Ms. Lauryn Hill and Ms. Hill. She's definitely within her right to do so. Reading this sad post, I realize why it's important that she must be relentless in pursuit to wake people up. We allow for Sean Combs to have a part in a shoot out in a club and therefore change his name to separate himself from it...BUT a performer who did no wrong to her public changes her name and it's TREASON. You really have some issues, dude.

The chemistry between her and her band is absolutely amazing. The backup singers and every instrumentalist are jamming on that stage with her. It definitely seems like you built a story in your head and then went from there because half of these things are so misguided. I wish you well.


Me thinks some people are commenting that have never read your writing style or blog before.


She sounds like shit. What a self-indulgent mess.

alison of a gun

I'm dying over her singing "Save the Best for Last". I bet half the white people were like "Oh yeaaah I forgot she did that song too!" (I am white..I probably would have done it. She could have sung every Toni Braxton hit and I'd have been like, "Oh sweet, Ms. Lauryn is so awesome.")

alison of a gun

Also, now I'm listening to The Score, and feeling sad. If she's sick or smoking drugs, either one sucks ass.


SRSLY living for this video right now. the sound quality is amazing and LH provided 'character' worthy of her own USA/VH1 13-episode 'being lauryn hill'-type tribute.




Oh. I don't know. It's hard. My love for her is so strong. I agree with much of what you wrote, but unfortunately everyone I know who has seen her live has encountered the same type of vocal problems or, in some cases, an inability to play ANYTHING from her previous albums.

I've never seen her live. I might never see her live. It's my Sophie's Choice of Coachella...


Audio quality is amazing! Thanks Rich.

Like most young American females born in the 80's I love Lauren Hill. Her voice has changed but there is still a lot of potential and she can rap like a mofo. Love to see a woman rapping!

But this is not the best she can do.


Even if Ms. Hill is in full control of her self, her show and whatever else as others have eluded, the point is, if you tell people a show is starting at 8pm and those people have paid money to see you...then you don't show-up on stage at midnight especially if the tickets and everything else says you're supposed to be there at 8pm. Also she's done this regularly. Even the band has acknowledged this. Perhaps her audience should be aware of this by now since it's been no secret but people are probably going on faith and past experiences with other performers that a show is going to start at a reasonable time and that the performer is going to be put on a coherant show. There's nothing wrong with her being a female Van Morrison if that's her wish but not everyone is going to just nod and agree that it's okay to treat your audience like that when the majority of performers don't tend to fall in the Ms. Hill and Van Morrison category. She's entitled to do what she wants and how she wants but it might be nice to inform her audience of this in advance before she finds herself singing to only her band.

Leanspa Cleanse

I have listened to him and he really sings well.

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