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When the clip first started, it reminded me of this (disregard the Russian dubbing and subtitles):

(Thanks for reminding me that this film is on my Netflix queue.)


The dance scene actually looks like it could have been cut from a holiday with my family

The dance she is doing is the famous dance from Flashdance. We all know that, right? So it's not that insane really, just a teenage girl doing the dance from Flashdance. What's so bizarre is that she would be allowed to watch a mainstream film if they're this isolated??

Michelle D.

@Chancentrate: The "gay agenda" isn't the only influence the Christina character introduces. The scene is still utterly bizarre (as is most of the film), but it makes a semblance of sense in context. Rich, I agree: wild-ass film that just left me shuddering under the "wtf"-ness of it all. And I am enough of an admitted philistine to state that I wanna know what happened just AFTER the credits rolled!


this movie was my favorite of the year.
it seems your taste in films it matched only by your good looks.



My friend and I saw this on a whim and CHIIIILE, we staggered out of the theater and straight into a bar! We were WEAK!

Honey, I got my fingers and toes crossed for this to win the Oscar.

Dorothy Porker

Just saw this based on your recommendation, Rich. It is indeed special and damn gripping. The ending is so deviously tricky, I think I even held my breath.

@Chancentrate, if you actually see the film, it'll make perfect sense. Promise!


Yes it was very weird, but then so was Uncle Boonmee. I liked both these films and i'm glad at least Dogtooth got nominated!


Boo on the no ANTM...which is what brought me to your blog in the first place. It was like I had a kindred spirit with our love of ANTM, camp, weird cats, Swan Brooner, music, etc. But sadly, one of those eras has ended...


I voted for it to win BFLF on the IMDB poll. I know it won't but it should!


How long did you wait in between viewings? Also, I've found that if you are introducing people to Dogtooth (having already seen it) half the fun is just watching people figure out exactly what is happening. I think like most movies, it loses impact after initial viewing - but I still find it totally hypnotic each time I watch it.

kate welsh

I find this film amusing but not that greatly entertaining.


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