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February 09, 2011



I guess you gotta love weed


FINALLLLLY i sent an email to the guy David C Waite in the Chow Daddy costume asking about reels, I hear there is one out there where he is spinning a pizza on his finger

David C. Waite to me
show details 12/13/10
Thanks for the inquiry, yet I regret that I unfortunately don't have any old chow daddy reels or merchandise. Thanks for reaching out. Good luck and have a wonderful holiday!

he's got a great website


David C. Waite
Jupiter Film Group, LLC
ph 818-539-0636 cell 312-543-6232 fax 312-453-0680


I love how awkwardly he adds 'deserts!' AFTER the voiceover man!

Oh, and everything else about this, of course.


A Jodorowsky still! Am amazed.


Holy shit.

Rich, you aren't going to believe this, but I was in that PSA. In the frame where the video's stopped, right at 0.00, I'm the back-of-the-head at the far left, with the two braids, white barrettes, and blue-and-white dress. (Sadly, I was not one of the featured back-up dancers.)

I'd entirely forgotten that he was called Chow Daddy - I was about 5 when this was filmed - but I remember how freaking weird the whole day was. I also have a vague memory that he signed autographs for us, and I wish to god I had that now.

Thank you for bringing back one of the most bizarre days of my childhood.

Amy Anomalous

I did not know this was lodged in my unconscious.Thank you? As a woman who was but a girl in MA in 1987, I thank you.


Unrelated, I love it that your current hero is a hot guy rubbing is face on a pussy


What is this I don't even


I was a child in the Boston public schools who witnessed this on the local channels. And for some reason I couldn't put my finger on it always scared the bejeezus out of me. I know the whole idea was to get kids excited about school lunches but I could never make the correlation between a tiger/lion/man and the name "Chow Daddy." Although in my school days the public school food was pretty good. Everyone got excited the most about french toast, eggs and sausage for lunch days.

Andy S. aka 'O'

this whole thing is beautiful XD


Man, he totally looks like an extra from CATS to me and not a wolf or whatever. Or possibly a character from Zoobley Zoo!


YES! Mesmerizing. I'm gonna have to watch it again at least 4 more times.

kate welsh

i'll take weed anytime over this!

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