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February 28, 2011



I can't believe I actually put this "book" on my Kindle. The worst part has to be when she states that Michael constantly makes fun of her weight and her fat ass and then she totally lets him off the hook in the very next sentence. Face it your brother was emotionally abusive and contributed to your self image problems, be "true" and state it and not excuse him just cause he's dead.
And the fan letters cannot be real, they sound like throw away scripts for Lifetime movies.


You know, I wouldn't expect much from Janet because I don't think she's that smart. I am disappointed to read that David Ritz co-authored or was willing to put his name on True You. David has written very good articles and books in the past, especially about Marvin Gaye.

Thanks for saving my money and sorry you can't get your time back.


I wish I would have read this before I purchased this bullshit. Every time she started with another story about a "friend" or some random fan letter I wanted to give up and go watch the Rhythm Nation video just to remind myself why I even love her ass. But as a Janet fan I felt obligated to keep going. By the end she had me ready to throw my damn Kindle in the garbage. True Poo.


Unrelated: I just watched a documentary last night called Cat Dancers that I think you'd LOVE. It's about two married dancers who became obsessed with big cats and created a Vegas show around them. Then a hot new trainer joined the mix, and they formed a menage a trois, and then all sorts of stuff happened that I don't want to spoil. It's got wigs, a scene where somebody tells a horrified classroom about tiger penis soup (with photos!), leather briefs, nude 50's muscle mags, and of course lots and lots of big cats. It hits the right note between weird, funny, and sad.


Those excerpt of her using the phrase Truw You was hilarious followed by you definition of true/false you! I loved her album 20 Y.O. (it was pretty awesome), but I am saddenned by how desperate she seems to have become. Janet needs to go underground for a while so people can forget her and miss her a little. It'll help, look at Missy ELliot, I hated her before she went incognito and now I am itching for a comeback. I love Janet but she needs to concentrate on acting (outside of Tyler Parry productions) and give everything else a break.

Lastly, I really wish you were ANTM recapping because it was the only reason the show was worth the watch, but if the tradeoff is hilarious blogs like this, then I am cool with it....as long as u keep your topics just as hilarious and frequent.


sairentohiru, I fully agree! I saw Cat Dancers and could NOT stop talking about it for weeks. If Rich would write about, my life would truly be complete


Sounds terrible and disappointing. Any mention of the Superbowl? It's funny because I DO get a sense of a deeper understanding from Janet Jackson but I think she's afraid to explore it in public anymore. I also heard from a friend who is "in the know" that Janet did the superbowl thing to distract the negative attention Michael was getting. Which I always kind of thought was a possible reason and one that would explain why her subsequent response to the scandal was silence. Too bad the book's crap. Thanks Rich for letting us know!


"What does any of this shit mean?"

LOL I love you


Hey, her teeth look good!


Cat Dancers is one of my absolute favorite documentaries! Please recap it, Rich.


Off topic, but related: My friend's four year old saw MJ on TV for the first time and said, "She looks like a cat." LOL!


i saw janets book in the store i work in. they had her on the bottom shelf. i put her books on top. my manager said nobody bought it


I actually like Kei$ha more than Janet now. 80s Janet is excellent for being typically boring, though I'd rather listen to Jody Watley or Pebbles than Janet now.

She's as normal as your typical R&B stars, from Kelis to Mary J Blige.

Lauryn Hill, on the other hand...

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"This is not an autobiography. It’s a journey that I am still taking to love and to accept myself just as I am," writes Janet (/ co-writer David Ritz) in the acknowledgments section prior to the narrative. So...fine, except that it is a narrative, just one that's sparsely detailed and prone to trailing off. In one would-be amazing story, some menacing guys follow a lone Janet through the streets of Minneapolis, taunting her along the way. "But instead of running, I turned and faced them. I backed them down. I had wanted to run, but something inside me wouldn't let me do that. I had to confront them. It was a matter of self-respect and self-defense," is as far as she goes before resuming a similarly vague discussion


Oh well, I bought the book because I'm still a JJ fan.She got a raw deal after the Super
Bowl thing.To see people fawning over Justin Timberlake after showing what a punk he was just irks me.

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I had to confront them. It was a matter of self-respect and self-defense," is as far as she goes before resuming a similarly vague discussion of the Control recording sessions. Details would have made all the difference (how is it possible to read that brief account and not think, "But how?!" or, "And then what?!?") -- as it stands, it would appear that her life was much like one of her brother's videos, where all it took to shake off gang members were some intensity and complex movement.

kate welsh

Don't waste your time and money on this. I got this as a gift and im glad there's an attic at home, where it belongs.hahaha

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I kept debating on if I should buy this but every time I look at it in the store I just shake my head. It just screams "$4 overstocked hardcover Barnes & Noble can't get rid of" like most weird music celeb co-written "auto"biographies.

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