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February 10, 2011



ten years her *junior*, no?




lol that kid looks soo uncomfterble


That poor kid! He looks so awkward!


So THAT'S where Janet got her idea for the Velvet Rope tour.


Thanks for sharing that. I loved that video. And you included my favourite email quote. Hilarious.

Vanessa M

Xavier is thinking "Why is there no sound coming out of your lips but I can hear your voice?"

Vanessa Bayer, who does a dead on Miley Cyrus on SNL, must have seen this at some point cause, it's, like, really cool.


Funny to think that this girl became the biggest pop star in the world at one point. She's so not...cool.


If I could make gifs, Rich, I would make a gif of Xavier's expression. It sums up all responses to all pop culture, everywhere, forever.

Thanks for this.


I lost it every time you cut to her mugging/sunglass lift! This video was like, like um so cool and funky!

Andy S. aka 'O'

This video was adorable and really showcases her innocence that I think is still in there somewhere under all the hurt. I hope she can find her way back her again.

great post, it was 'really cool'.


This video was excellent - such great editing!


Very cool, Rich. I just love, um, seeing a video that is so funky, and very, very cool.


Wait, did she just say "goobs"?!

"We started jumping on the bed like total goobs!"

Amazing. I'm stealing that.


This is the Britney video my heart has been waiting for for months.


This is brilliant. Also brilliant: the category "crazy young ladies" under which you filed this video. I laughed out loud at Xavier's shifty eyes.


I cried of laughter every time the Seinfeld-esque clip of her lifting her stupid sunglasses came up. I miss the 90s.


Baby Xavier looked so terryfied!


Woah! I have never actually seen Max Martin. Not at all what I imagined.


Gah, this made me so sad. If only Brit Brit could see this now and have a ~breakthrough.

Jake Lodwick

Amazing... thank you

eye lift

This video footage is really funky. She behave like cool girl.

nia burks

I did a piece where i extracted every single "baby" that shes ever said in her entire music video career. you should see it.

Bettie Comeford

I'm already a fan of Britney when I was still living in Scottsdale a couple of years ago. Way back, she was so innocent, sweet and charming. Now, almost everything has changed about especially her physical appearance. Did she go to a breast augmentation op? Because I think her breasts are kinda bigger now. And as we can see, girls are more into having a procedure called breast enlargement (Phoenix) which enhances the look of every women.

kate welsh

This video of her is the one that gives an impression that she is simply talented.hmmm, can't say about that now.

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