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February 14, 2011


Holy Cuteness

OMG, the expression on Winston his face when you cuddle him...


I think your cat and my cat are sharing the same perma-Bitchface.


AS IF that's not reciprocated! That was some looovey dovey tail/face action at the end there!


Never thought I'd say this to someone, but I'll miss your gifs. However the tweeting was hugely entertaining, as was this Winston video. His face! Love it.

Vanessa M

My pekingese mix is the canine Winston. The similarity in their piss faces is uncanny. The dog will at least tolerate cuddling sometimes although he makes his Mumbly noise the whole time.

Driver B

This is what my love for Benny looks like. Except it usually ends with him giving me a warning love chomp to the nose.

Leah Kinnan

it wasn't not funny! wow thanks for the tammy today, i needed it!
<-----------i had a crush on dom, the 50 something irishman.


The "Love Is Blind" clip at the end is what really got me.


Laughed HYSTERICALLY when "Love is Blind" started to play.


That made my night. Thanks.


WOWWWW. the video of tammy and reality singing "i'm a slave i'm a slave" is the best valentine's day present i could have EVER asked for. thank you for finding this and posting it - now i can finally stop searching for this on youtube every damn day!


You are so cute Rich. Cat's fat though.


That's it, you have won, they can shut down Cute Guys With Cats now.

There is no contest, ever!


write ANTM 16! FOR ME!


Haha, I can totally relate to kitty snubs. I love you and Winston and Rudy!

By the way, I can't believe you put that Tami video up. I was just singing/rapping that to my husband last night, quizzing him to see if he remembered what it was from. And then we reminisced about that whole Real World season. What was up with Tami getting her jaw wired shut to lose weight? Issues!

Jennifer Heizer

You and Winston are just so cute together!! He loves you...you can see it in his face :D


Winston totally looks like Penelope Pussycat clawing her way out of Pepé Le Pew's overly affectionate love grasp. Deep down, the little bundle of fur loves the attention.


This video made my heart explode with happiness!


that is adorable


I lol'd at Love is Blind :p


hey, i'll cuddle you...


Where is your love for your man on Valentines? Do you prefer not to share him here on FourFour?


awwww... you just wanted to show off your guns. nice. ;)

Roger Dodger

I'd sit still for a cuddle from those meaty flappers even if they meant to throttle me. Sue me.

Cat Games

Winston is a cutie! Cats have their own way of returning love.

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