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February 07, 2011



Amazing woman. Watched Faster Pussycat for the first time last summer and dressed up as Varla for Halloween. Nobody got it.

There will never be another Tura Satana. I've no doubt she's already got herself a legion of followers in the afterlife.


She was such an incredible woman. We need more women like her.

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Christoph Gervane

Wow...I had no idea until I stumbled onto this. As tragic as being attacked so early in her life was...it's seriously bad ass learning a couple styles of martial arts and then returning the favor to your assailants. I'm going to have to dig up Faster Pussycat from my closet in her honor.

kate welsh

I must say she is an extremely amazing woman. Too bad the world wasn't that kind to her.

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Whether that tale is tall or true is beside the point -- her biography couldn't be anything but larger than life, if she was, as her Faster Pussycat! co-star Lori Williams described her.haha

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