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February 24, 2011



I just want to say good for you on no more ANTM. What was once so great is now unwatchable. And I'm sure you won't, but don't let all the horror and outcry that I'm sure will come your way get you down.



It's funny because finally, after so many years, I decided to stop watching the show as well. ANTM was my first foray into reality tv and it will always hold a place in my heart, as will your recaps which I only discovered late in the game, but it's now become repetitive and predictable. The recaps were amazing, but if you don't love to hate the thing you love, then your energy is best used elsewhere.

But promise me this - if they ever do a ANTM ALL STARS (Dominque!, Jade, Michelle, that girl Tyra screaaaamed at), please consider returning to that old bag of bones you once loved.


rich,others may blog about antm but noboby does it like you.


Yet another off-topic comment about ANTM (perhaps you should enable comments on posts like that because people will comment anyway ;))
I have to admit I AM CRUSHED that you will no longer be doing the recaps. I'm not terribly surprised, but this is yet more bad news after a shitty week chock-full of bad news.


Hard to imagine watching Top model now. Also managed to feel offended by the mention of your age, seemed a bit damning of anyone who didn't jump before you did.


I think your right and he may be fundamentally handicapped in some way if he expect anyone to take his film seriously. I can't even believe you saw it, that's bold. You might dig Mega Shark vs. Crocasaurus. Oh c'mon, it's got Jaleel White in it! Yeah Birdemic just looks so bad.

and in Re: re:re: to antm, i've been reading your blog since the Jade cycle, and you've written about lots of other stuff along the way, so its not like i'm surprised or saddened. But you should keep the grab bag, I liked the grab bag, and i'm pretty sure one of the girls looks like or is a skecksy from The Dark Crystal.


Re: ANTM (as I'm sure most of these comments will be)

But... but... I need your recaps! It's what I looked forward to on Monday! This is all happening too quickly! It's a sad day.


Gotta admit my heart has been broken a little bit about ANTM. I don't think the posts about the ever fabulous Winston will be enough to keep me bringing me back here to read all your other random posts. However, I do want to say thanks so much for the amazing years worth of THE best ANTM recaps out there...

With that said, hopefully you'll bring it back, if not I guess for now I'll just wave buh bye.......



It's not right, but it's okay... Whitney seems to always be appropriate at times like this. :(

Hannah J

Hey Rich, I saw Birdemic at a local theatre notorious for midnight movies. Truly the worst ever as far as a torturous movie goes... The sound of the birds screaming and guns firing was SO LOUD!!! I love to watch movies that make me suffer though, so I recommended it to all my friends. Although I tried watching it again at home and couldn't get past the beginning credits scene... Bahahaha!! The director reminds me a lot of a friend of mine- very pretentious and assumes that the readers of his stories are idiots- I love what he produces though because it's so awful it's funny. Good question though, what am I laughing at...?



matthew (hardcore ANTMer)


matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I like the other stuff you write about on the blog (especially Winston and Rudy) just as much though so I guess if this will allow you to do more non-ANTM stuff that's just as good


Glad you're not doing ANTM anymore, the show is boring and you just don't have much material to work with.

I much prefer FourFour during ANTM downtime anyway.

...now where are those Drag Race recaps?

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

May the Best-Woman-Win!


I'm sad about ANTM, but I totally get it. I'm not into most of the pop culture/music/video stuff you write about and frankly am fairly convinced I'm not smart enough (perceptive enough?) to be reading most of your blog posts - save the ANTM & Kitty Pride ones. You said ANTM posts were thankless - so, thank you! I truly have enjoyed every one. If you ever stop posting about Winston, I will be heartbroken though!!!


Gurrrl, not gonna lie, I did lightbulb brighten thinking I got hit up fourfour for some gifs even though I don't even watch anymore; however, your blog is so much more than that to me. Your insights into pop culture and especially music are smart and hilarious. Plus Beyonce vids don't hurt. I don't think you're going to lose any fans over ANTM. Smize on you crazy diamond.


I love your awful film finds - I'm totally obsessed with finding a copy of the Mafu Cage, but this just looks painful.

Re ANTM, the gifs have probably become my favourite part of the show! I will miss them, but I'm hooked on your blog for much more than that (namely Winston, the keen music reviews and posts like this one. And any other other kind of gifs, really.)


I've been a fan of this site for years and have greatly enjoyed your recaps of ANTM. I really used to look forward to Mondays knowing I would have your witty, funny, visual and smart recaps (best recaps ever!) There were times that I've laughed so hard from your recaps that they have really gotten me through some bad days. Thank you for that! :)

As much as I've enjoyed ANTM over the years, I think i may not watch it as much, or at all now, anymore. Maybe, but, eh. It just wont be the same. But i will still come here for all else though. Love your reviews, gifs, articles and your cats!

Anna Love

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I'm devastated. First, you stop blogging about Jersey Shore, now you cut off Top Model. How will my secret, shameful, indulgent reality TV habits ever find validation from a kindred ( schadenfreudist) spirit (since I can't ever confess to anyone in real life my guilty pleasure)? How dare you place your own time and sanity above the amusement of random strangers who give nothing in return for your trouble!

I suppose the Dogtooth clip was an acceptable consolation offering. I was addicted to watching it last week and my exercise partner and I broke down and used the routine for our workout over the weekend.


Again, an ANTM post (you should have known to not have closed comments on that one if you didn't want us spouting off elsewhere):

Honestly, not surprised at this, since you hadn't done a first impressions post, nor have you even mentioned Sutan/Raja being a contestant on Drag Race. The writing was on the wall. Also can't say I'm surprised, 'cause boyfriend and I stopped watching this season as well. I figure when I can't even remember who won a show three months ago, it's time to call it quits.

But it was great following your blog while I watched the show. In fact, I probably watched longer than I would have otherwise, simply because you made the show more fun than it was in and of itself.

Judging from the other things you post, I don't have a whole lot else besides ANTM in common with you, so I doubt I'll visit your site nearly as often (if ever, sadly -- cats and bad horror are SOOOO not my cup of tea). But still, I hope life gives you back all the smiles and laughs you've given me through these ANTM posts. Cheers!


Hahaha, this video is great. At about 1:00 where he's describing driving on a road and seeing trees, I LOL'd.


Just as long as you don't stop covering Winston, Rich!

big boy

u are basically, an asshole, crushing my dreams. it's such a fucking hipster thing to do, to quit following a show, because its been on for too long. omg, take some ritalin.


and i basically feel like i got dumped.

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