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March 22, 2011



Really good take on all this. I was reading a lot of similar things on ONTD today (although much less well articulated and with many more gifs) and I have to agree. He's just SO overly entitled and shows absolutely no regret.


This is potentially one of my favorite articles you've ever written. Good stuff, Rich. Thanks.


I was waiting for you to comment on this morning's outburst. You know what I found most interesting about the original Chris Brown mess? The only male, hip-hop industry giant who publicly came out and made a statement against Chris Brown was Jay Z. Maybe there were some others, but I KNOW Jay Z was not only vocal about Chris Brown, he also made sure that behind the scenes he encountered major set backs as to who he could work with in the studio and there's the whole BET Awards thing.

Shortly after the incident, I started to hear more and more male rappers, R%B singers, etc. come out in support of Chris Brown. But in their statements they never said "he's a changed man, he learned from his mistake, he's working on it" and so on. Instead they were like, hey, it happens to everyone. Can't Chris lead an abusive life towards women in peace?!?!


I was waiting to see if we do, in fact, hate Chris because he is black. I don't think you ever really answered that...





on a different note, does anyone find it a bit ironic (and perhaps inappropriate) that rhianna has a song out and on her latest album all about how she enjoys S&M? i mean seeing as she was beaten up by chris brown, it just seems like a ridiculous song choice for her.


I was just thinking about this the other day. I find it really bizarre who we are willing to give a second chance and who we are not. One ofthe people I find so odd in this respect is Boy George. He chained a prostitute to a radiator and beat him with a chain, did the time, and now is on tv, working again, no-one shamed him publicly, he didn't even express any remorse for it. The day he was released London's biggest paper ran a story on how he'd lost weight in jail - like that was the only thing they could talk about.
It's true when the person you're abusing is someone of a lower status than you (a sex worker/wannabe starlet/B-list actress) it seems that the public don't give a crap, but if it's someone they too independently love then they're likely to throw up their arms in despair then slowly crawl back to you.
Sad isn't it?

maja papaya

I just wanted to say that this is hysterical:

"at this point, the only color the guy could be to improve his public profile is invisible."


I really hate this cultural meme that Rihanna's choice of S&M as a single is ironic or weird. Consensual pain during sex (giving or receiving) is not at all in the same category as violence against women. I'm not sure why that would be ironic or funny or whatever.


PREACH!!!! this kid will NEVER learn...

i couldn't even read the ignorant ass comments that his stans/supporters said in his defense...brown nor sheen should get away with their behavior, period. i actually think that brown may become a "charlie sheen" in the not so distant future, except he may actually do some jail time eventually, cuz you know, he's black.


This morning GMA announced that they will not be pressing charges with the NYPD against Chris Brown. Bet this is one case in which he is happy to be invisible.


Great piece, Rich! I think you hit the nail on the head here: "... the women who Sheen has been accused of brutalizing are not nearly as publicly beloved as Rihanna."

In this world of celebrity, we take sides just like in High School. The Rihanna fans hate Chris Brown and the Brown fans take his side and forgive him.


wow. excellent piece. i feel the same way about the situation (except my version had "they're both fucking idiots and media whores" in it).


And this is why I just can't quit you, Rich. Wonderfully written.


Awesome post, Rich. I'm one of Chris Brown's crazy fans but I agreed with most of what you wrote. Love your blog!

Lady Shasha

@ DC-Matt Charlie was not just "accused" he has been convicted twice. He has shot a woman, and held another with a knife to her throat. He has a well established track record. I agree with Lee, "they're both fucking idiots and media whores."

They should be forced to live together in a Big Brother/Real World style house with Mel Gibson and be filmed. This will kill 2 birds with 1 stone. They get to be on TV and feed their whoredom and we get to watch them destroy each other. The media is just giving them both enough rope to hang themselves with and pretending to be "concerned", when they really are just waiting for them to crash and burn (or OD in Charlie's case.)

vibram five fingers

Maybe there were some others, but I KNOW Jay Z was not only vocal about Chris Brown,


Interesting thoughts...still can't help to see race in this. Think about all the attention to Naomi Campbell's attack on her housekeeper with her cell phone. Did anyone even blink an eye when Demi Lovato attacked her dancer. Demi went away for a bit, and when she returned, the whole issue had disappeared. I don't recall her ever admitting what she did or publicly apologizing for it. I guess the rule is, don't hit anyone...unless you're rich, white, famous...did I mention white??

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Some people really never learn from their mistakes...too bad!

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