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March 30, 2011



You are so cute with purple hair in a my-boyfriend's-a-chunky Nick-Lachey-look-a-like-but-i-want-to-swap kind of way hahaha woaaah i'll give you a martini or three to absorb this hahah (yes, i have a martini way of measuring time, hence the chunky Nick-Lachey-look-a-like boyfriend)


In other news, it's half past martini down here, as you can clearly get from my previous comment, whatever, don't mind me, you're a cutie regardless

Andy S. aka 'O'

I envy your high school hair as if I tried that my momma would've WHOOPED MY ASS.

What a lovely trip down memory lane! I feel jealous because I'm 24 next month and I have yet to really make some amazing memories :/ But I'm inspired! ♥


awe great post.. I would love to see more of your hoarding!


answer: HAWTTT hair or no hair, that is what you look like!


Awesome post. What a cutie you were with Miss Piggy. Love your t-shirt too!


sigh, i already knew this, but this post just confirms it... i have such a major friend crush on you rich!
i have similar photos of myself with odd-colored hair circa 1997 (junior year of HS for me in NJ).

thanks for sharing your odd treasures!


aw long haired women with short fuses and big mouths. that's me. and miss piggy. i now understand why gay men love me.


btw, great post. i'm the same way. i keep little things that ultimately amount to nothing but amusement at the fact that i once was like "oh i better keep this." so worth it.

Driver B

Dude, I'm digging the purple hair too.

Also, I would totally buy those weird face Winston stamps.


I too have a Beyond The Valley of The Dolls lobby card! You can just about see it in this picture (http://www.flickr.com/photos/megalulz/4546275902/) Mine's now got blu-tac stains on the back, which I do feel a bit guilty about too, it's one of my favourite possessions.


AWW! Miss Piggy t-shirt ftw!

Also, I never noticed how nice your eyebrows are. Damn your man-beauty, Rich.


You're the kind of person I wish I'd be able to be friends with but would never feel cool enough to be around.


I got flashbacks of "Into the Groove" with "Till the world ends" and I listened to it so much that it finally made me cry...


Thank god for documentation, it must be cathartic to post all your life's treasures for all the world to see. Long live purple haired Rich!, just kidding that was just plain awful.


This is one of my all-time favorite fourfour posts. If you made it a regular feature, it could justify your habits!


"You're the kind of person I wish I'd be able to be friends with but would never feel cool enough to be around."

This. 100%.


Your mushroom fade reminds me of every boyfriend I had in middle and high school. And that Miss Piggy mask... Gruesome.


Excellent post! I have similar hoarder instincts. I never regret the gems buried in the hoard, but it is a bit hard to organize at times.


the miss piggy picture explains so much rich!


love this. any little morsel of insight is delicious.

what is going on with the aubrey collage? surely you've found enough defaced posters by now?


Totally agree with you on Glitter! It was just fashionable then to hate on it since the movie was, uhm, less than stellar.

"You're the kind of person I wish I'd be able to be friends with but would never feel cool enough to be around."



Thanks for the mention, Rich. It was art borne of necessity: I needed stamps, and that particular image of him looked so iconic, I thought he would create excellent postal currency. (If I could immortalize him in street art, I would.)


Love this post, and extremely gratified that you moved on from the purple hair.


If we went to high school together, I definitely would have had a crush on you, like those other "alternative" boys I fancied and didn't realize were gay :)

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