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March 07, 2011


Someone else

Thanks, Rich. Just want to know; when you're watching ANTM while sitting on your couch, you're still writing stuff in your head, right? Right? Because you CAN'T MAKE THE VOICES STOP.


I hate to be this person, but Niki Taylor has looked like that for a long while. She had a great deal of reconstructive work done after a pretty horrific car accident. So while she looks "worked on", and has for a good decade or so now, it was pretty necessary work.


I'm glad David was the first to go. He's so painfully desperate-seeming and trying-too-hard. Also, his face.


I felt bad for David...his daughter is not a big movie/tv star...she had a few episodes of Gossip Girl and she was awful..


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LOLOLOLOLZZZZ. Sorry, it's late. That's the best comment I can muster, but I wanted to demonstrate appreciation for the post.


I love it!

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Donald Trump is just a pig-faced moron who never would have soared to his "business genius" heights if it wasn't for Daddy's moneybags. He's fun to watch though, very much the male Tyra Banks.

Clara from Portugal

The gay man that lives inside my head is spinning out of control with this season of The Apprentice. There's just too much going on and I L-O-V-E it.


awesome!! So glad you're on this Rich. I have a weird love for this show.


Rich, think of it like this: by you watching and recapping the show, you're saving other gays (like me) from having to watch it. So really, you're selflessly serving the community by keeping us supplied with gifs of LaToya's, um, majesty and Nene's new nose and Star giving ET realness, without having to go against the boycott by actually watching the show. For that, I thank you.


I've never watched Celeb Apprentice but figured I should after seeing the cast announced. Then, I saw that you recapped and that cemented the fact that this would truly be pop-culture gold.

I don't think I've read a re-cap this gleeful since the Being Bobby Brown days. And I don't think I've loved a reality tv show this much since Vince Neil's season on Surreal Life.

PS- Can Jose Canseco's bedazzled jacket get a shout out?


Totally Off Topic, but...
Now that you're not covering ANTM, who do you recommend as doing a better recap/blog on it? I'd like to read it, but I can't find it (besides TWOP, which is cool but no screencaps/etc)

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Wow, ANTM is SO BORING. You picked a good time to quit Rich


YES! See, I would NEVER know such goodness existed without this blog. Wow, Niki Taylor! Good Lord, I remember her from "Seventeen" magazine a million years ago (please don't tell anyone I ever read "Seventeen"--oh, the shame).


About La Toya.....it got me wondering.....other than that god awful mobster she was married to in the 80's/90's, has she ever had a real romantic relationship?

Either she has successfully kept all romantic relationships she's ever had on the down low or she's simply never had one.

Very intriguing and sad if true.

I can't think of any celebrity more deserving of true love than her.

Mz. Right

While I miss your ANTM recaps, I know you never disappoint.

This recap totally rocked and was spot on.

These people are insane and not easy on the eyes.


LOVE the Kate Bush reference in the title of this post.



Anyone else notice how creepy Jose Canseco's eyes were? Those blue contacts are TERRIBLE

Bitchita Jackson

"My daughter is a huge TV and movie star!"...and she donates only $1,000. Haha

Sarcastic Bastard

NeNe will kick Donald Trump's fat lily-white ass. I dig her. The Donald has better watch the fuck out!

I'm happy I found you. I think we were separated at birth. Laugh.

I linked to your old post on Florrie today. It's a gem.



kate welsh

Why should i waste my time watching them? I'd rather read a good book.hah!

J Sweet

Wow that was brilliant on so many levels including the most crucial level of all -superficial gawking- and I feel like I both watched the show and absorbed all its meanings in the time it took to read this. So much better than actually watching it and so obviously necessary.


Richard Hatch is NOT a celebrity.


Quite unrelated but a major personal breakthrough for me: I just realized that the reason I always felt slightly turned on by Don Jr. (horrible, right?!) is that he reminds me of Jeff Stryker :D

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