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March 02, 2011



Rich you are winning with these insights.


He stole, "I don't sleep, I wait" from the Facts about Chuck Norris meme of yore!

Sarah G

Great post! I still can't help but feel really bad for his family.


As usual, spot on analysis.


"His mastery of the media is so enchanting, he might actually be the warlock he claims he is."

Maybe he is indeed showing mastery of media--no one can rule out this isn't some weird performance art project--but I suspect it's more likely that he's just self-destructing.


well after the interview they took his kids away. I have to say, if Sheen is this entertaining sober, I would love to see what he is like intoxicated. Maybe he can make a new reality show; the premise would invovle picking an upscale hotel, some hookers/porn stars and his drugs of choice and then we get to see him lock the ho's in a closet and proceed to trash the hotel room as he get's more and more wasted. I would like to call it Bi-Winning.


Excellent commentary, RJ. As always!


I guess I understand the car-wreck attraction, but the giddy, amused tone of the blog commentary amounts to encouragement. It reminds me of people who just laugh at the drunk guy embarrassing himself at a party instead of being a mensch and easing the guy out of the spotlight. Stay classy, internet.


Cocaine = ego. Crack cocaine = bigger ego. He's having insights but they're from a different reality. He's having a meltdown but thinks he's right. Probably not sustainable even with tiger blood.


He is winning at what Joachim Phoenix tried to do and failed. Well, winning except for that whole losing your kids part.


You always have a unique and interesting take on things Rich!


This is really the best analysis I've read anywhere about the entire thing. Sheen is the master of contemporary communication, every statement a crystallized internet quotable for the electron-quick, short-attention span crowd.

It seems now, with his children taken away, that he's come back down to earth a little and is taking things a little more seriously.


you will neva see another celeb interview like this. 2bad they cancelled the show it was funny as hell.


Wow - encouraging the abusive asshole

"ome hookers/porn stars and his drugs of choice and then we get to see him lock the ho's"
yea for assault, kidnapping and abuse???


I believe that Charlie’s antics mark the moment in which the Confession Era, heralded by I think Gary Hart, died. How fitting that this is happening at the same time when Oprah’s show is ending, and her new protégé is someone whom we* would usually shun, but who is instead calls cerebral palsy “the sexiest of the palsies.”


Analyze how differently you've responded to chris brown - unapologetic woman abuser and charlie sheen - unapologetic woman abuser. I look forward to that article.

kate welsh

I love Charlie Sheen. It doesn't matter what he does, he's a yummy guy for me.

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