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March 09, 2011



Mr. Fingers is all over my body.
Time to dig out Another Side by Fingers Inc.


Adele sang "Someone Like You" (as well as "Chasing Pavements" and "Rolling In The Deep") acoustic and live when she visited NPR for their Tiny Desk series. Your call whether or not she lives up to the album versions, but I found her pretty flawless:



I think Adele's performance at the Brit Awards was solid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZtUjFJvYkA


What about Robyn? She has released a ton of new stuff this past year. I can't stop playing Dancing With Myself


Oops, I meant Dancing On My Own.


I'm so happy I speak spanish and stumbled into Javiera Mena's MENA. Awesome pop album. It could be a refreshing departure from your pop misery.


Have you heard Lykke Li? Her new stuff is fantastic...a little more alternative, but gives some pop music "artists" a run for their money.


Jen, I don't think Rich is a fan of Robyn, at least from some of the comments here and there anyway. I'm a HUGE fan, and I never thought she'd top her last album, but Body Talk in all it's installments has done that for me as a fan. It's also allowed her to tour the US, and I think she's an artist ANYONE could go see. She's so impressive live, so much energy. I have a friend who liked With Every Heartbeat and came along in 07 when I saw her at the Wiltern in LA, and since then, everytime I go to a Robyn show, she's coming a long. And the fact that she's doing it all herself with her own label.. love her!

Chantal Goya

@Joe Moon

JAVIERA MENA IS THE SHIT!!! How awesome is "Sufrir"? I would love to hear that at a club and totally lose myself in that song.


Finally, someone who agrees with me about the Adele CD. What a snoozer. It's the perfect CD to fall asleep to.


I had the exact opposite reaction to Sky Fereirra's 'As If' EP, but I might be biased by the knowledge that this is her third or fourth behind-the-scenes retooling. The fact that she sounds like an even cheaper Ke$ha now also bewilders. '99 Tears' didn't make an impression, so I'll have to go back and listen again...

Golden J

Rich: SHARE! I cannot find a full length of 99 Tears anywhere - free or pay or whatever. Where did you find the full version of it?


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Rich, if you haven't already check for Dim's "Don't Leave Me This Way", and Beatconductor's Lionel Richie edit and his "Sumthin' Betta", one of my favourite tracks of all time of any kind!


@ Kyle

Lykke Li's album is great. Haven't stopped listening to it since I got it. Honestly, it's the kind of direction Adele should have went in: aching and pained, yet bristling with an "I'll kick your ass" feeling. 21 was just too "meh" for me, although she sounds undeniably exquisite throughout.


Not the newest, but I love the weird, outer space genius that is Janelle Monae. The ArchAndroid requires a little patience, but it's worth it.


Britney's album leaked so if that isn't getting your booty dancing from the very beginning to end then I don't know what other miracle you're waiting for. "Femme Fatale" is the best pop album is years. Pure dance bliss.


Brit's sexed-up, lobotomized chipmunk act is the definition of tired; stop, girl!


I felt like 21 was good but very boring (and really adult contemporary), but had a hard time explaining that to people. I'd recommend it to friends, but only because Adele is a great singer and "Rolling in the Deep" is a great single.

Nothing I've heard that Sky Ferreira has done is as good as "One".

Rich, have you heard Anna Calvi? Her new album has me entranced.


Couldn't agree more about the Adele album and "Someone Like You" (and here's an 800-or-so word version of that statement).

Popwise, this year has rarely been exciting, but hasn't always been worthless. The Joy Formidable's "Austere" (while on the extreme rockier end of "pop) is currently Adele's only Song Of The Year challenger for me, but Gold Panda's "Marriage" and Lil Wayne's "6 Foot 7 Foot" are also fantastic. I also quite like Yasmin's "On My Own" and Clare Maguire's "The Last Dance", two singles I could see appealing to your particular pop tastes.

(My apologies if you've covered any of the above already, btw. I'm new here.)

Godawful year for albums so far, though. Not a one I could see as a year-end candidate at this point.


huany yan yan ke ke ba

vibram five fingers

I can't stop playing Dancing With Myself

kate welsh

I surely dislike this one. Arrrghhh.

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I got a new song.. Hey Na Na by Katie Herzig

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