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March 04, 2011



And now Don Knott's legal team is building their case. I'm sure it's led by THAT lawyer on the "Simpsons".


I thought that was him.


Yay Winston! The world could always use a little more Winston. Thanks for sharing him, Rich.


That's just so awesome! I love when the internet and TV collide, especially when it's things I love, like Nick, Jimmy and Winston!


Winston IS every woman!

Anne Noise

Ron Swanson is so sexy, extra so with the beard.

Also, yay Winston.

Vanessa M

Winston looks like Ron Fucking Swanson? That is epic news.

You know, Nick Offerman is kind of hot when he's not rocking his Swanson look.


And he was up there longer than those other cats too! Yay, Winston!

Also, I kind of think he looks more like bearded interview Offerman than he does like Offerman as Ron Fucking Swanson.


it's the eyebrows that really bring the thunder, indeed.


Im not sure if I love Winston or Ron Fucking Swanson more.


Winston is the best Ron Swanson look-alike for sure!


Awwww, I am happy for Winston! Kitty pride!!!


Did you guys hear the Winston fan in the crowd? There was a cheer that I am certain was for Winston.


Winnie, can I have a pawtograph?


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I'd watch a sitcom starring Winston any old day!

kate welsh

Hey Melissa, can't agree with you more than anything!

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