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April 04, 2011



I came over here from EIT. A first time viewer of your work but I'll be seeking out more. Thanks for doing this one!

kate welsh

Definitely embarassing...what can i say?

kate newton

The black guy is definitely a gay! woohah!


So its perfectly fine to accuse people you don't know of being homosexual, but its not okay to use the word gay to mean lame?...


love you, love eit. perfection anyone?


I don't know what y'all are (DC) talkin' about, Jesus Freak was solid. :|


just saw this on EIT!!! great video!!

u\But yeah that was awful...and so gay.


More Christ than you can fit in a fanny pack.


Woah. I, too, was growing up with DC Talk, only it was in Finland and much later in the 90s.. and might I add, audio only. This is definitely one of the most random and awesome things I've stumbled upon reading your blog.


Oh my god I loved DC Talk. I had their first album and my best friend had their second. I swear to christ almighty that we had full on dance routines to three or four songs. I still have my cassette tape of Jesus Freak (aka when they gave up being a rap group and embraced the alt-rock-grungy-whatever that was happening). We did not have access to their music videos, though. I think I'm going to search around on youtube to see what else is out there.

Actually, Toby Mac still has a career, I think. I hear his name every once in a while.

Does anyone else use youtube solely as a way to venture down memory lane via old music videos?


The black one is cute. I hope he was eventually cured of the jesusiness.


This video is ALMOST as FUNNY as this 10 year old 90's METRO kid rapping to DC Talk's "Nu Thang" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MUVNuD3MiU


OMG I can't believe I missed this post. I grew up with DC Talk so I have a fond place in my heart for them. That's why I refuse to listen to anything before Free At Last (and even that I claim to listen to ironically). Love that they are anywhere on your radar Rich. Good times indeed.


i saw michael tait and toby mac at the BCDO on Sunday and they were mazing. They have definately moved on form this early video. thye seemed genuinely great guys as well

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