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April 11, 2011



My heart is now happy on a Monday morning after seeing this video of Winston


I feel bad for laughing at him, but then again, man he's such a loser! ;-)


A for effort, Winston. Love the music you chose, Rich!


I think my cat plays worse than Winston, actually.


The finger one seriously had me cracking up...Poor Winston. He's so cute, though. Just...not good at stuff.


Winston: living proof that you can't be both talented AND good looking....

Driver B

Awwww, I love Winnie's flat little dumb little face. :) If my face were flat, it would probably be hard for me to bite things too.


Maybe it's not entirely his fault? I mean, his face IS super flat, as Driver B says. And his bottom jaw is just a little flap, like on a mailbox. Still cute in his dumb-ness, though.


Aww, I love how easily distracted he is.


Come on, it's clear Winston's awkwardness is being performed ironically. He is, after all, a hipster kitty -- as evidenced by the ironic Garfield bowl.


It's a good thing he lives with Rich, because this cat could not survive in the wild.


Life's tough when your mouth is concave.


I WISH my cat would suck at biting. His name's Tigger but he should have been named JAWS. Ever since he was a baby my BF's taught him to play bite - now as a 15-pounder he purrs while trying to take off your hand.

Not blaming my cat - I know who the culprit is here - but I DO find a little bit of biting ineptitude quite refreshing :)


To "the Boyfriend":
Nice Legs!!


AW, WIN!!!!!
He really does look like a star when you put the youtube videos on full screen.

Thank you so much for sharing winston. he has been in my life since fall 2007 and i'm definitely better for it. he is priceless and timeless. classic. WE LOVE YOU AND WINNIE!

Quick Detox

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Roger Dodger

You need to buy that puss a laser pointer. Your world will change in amazing ways.


I <3 Winston!!! Even if he can't bite for sh*t.


I think he has a warped sense of depth given his little smooshy face.


He has a furious case of feline ironic detachment


Thank you for this shit. Winston is god. Although if he was a god, I imagine he would have a better set of choppers, but still.

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I'm much more of a dog person, however I am very moved by this vid. I really love the cat he is so cute.


This is the best thing EVAR!


Love the cameo by naked(?) boyfriend.


This is how my cats play, sort of half-into it. I love 1:17 when he gets distracted in the middle of batting at the paper.

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