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April 20, 2011



Play them all at once, experience insanity.


How is there not more from Do It Like a Dude??? I hate that song.


Agreed! She's so beyond annoying, even her stupid name, Jessie J. Didn't she used to be Jessie James? She strikes me as a knockoff of Nicki Minaj / Natsha Beddingfield mixed together. I really hope her career continues to not take off.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

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If I don't hate any of them, what does that mean?? Also, drunk.

Pedro Tejada

wow this bitch sucks


I hate her so deeply and irrationally, this post is just more fodder for my negativity. I hate her even more now that I have just returned from visiting a friend in London, who lives just off of Brick Lane, and I could not take the ironic hipster fashion choices that were assaulting my eyes, the trying-soooo-fucking-hard aesthetic that was everywhere, and, to me, Jessie J embodies that London pay-attention-to-MEEEE-ness that I so despise.


I've never been gladder to not have heard of a person than I was ten minutes ago.

... a statement which, horribly, makes more sense than any of those clips. Goddamn.


8 & 7 should've been number 1 to me !


@Christinenoel - It means alcohol is an effective defense against...whatever the Hell it was I just subjected myself too.


oh fuck no...i downloaded her album and have yet to listen to it, but after listening to all of these i think i need to delete it, asap. thanks for the heads up!


It's depressing to me that Jessie is getting all of this hype in the U.S. that should be going to the infinitely more talented Katy B.


ha #1 was so irritating it actually makes me laugh

i think i want it as my ring tone!


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number SEVEN!!! Oh my god. And EIGHT. She sounds like she's gargling/stuttering/dying...

thanks for this.

#7 def should've been the top one, though. It's hilariously terrible..


Oh my god number eight is the worst in my opinion. Who is she, Porky Pig? Number one is a close second. Who is she, Crazy Frog?

Also, I think I'll start saying "Coconut man" randomly from now on.


I lol'd SO HARD at #24. Ridiculous isn't the proper descriptor. Thank you, Rich, for giving me 30 Reasons Not to Buy This Damn Album.

And OMG, I just played them all at once! That's EXACTLY what I imagine Hell would sound like!


I can't listen to the clips at work, but...

I first saw Jessie J singing "Do It Like A Dude" acoustic on youtube. It was cool - she had a kick ass voice and kind of an old school-ish Teena Marie vibe. So I searched for her other stuff and found the official video of the song and was SO DISAPPOINTED.

And speaking of her need to be liked...have you seen her "Dare Jessie J" videos on youtube? Yeah. Painful.

Killa Cam

#17, 7, and 6 are 1 2 3 for me.... really appreciate this


I have a lot of respect for Jessie J that makes me wish I liked her music, but HOLY SHIT is she annoying. Yes, yes, YES to all of this.




This album does sound like a bunch of demos for different artists. She has no clear idea where she wants to go as a singer.

Jessie James is another singer. lol She used to be Jessie J Cornish.


I like her.

k. n.

#7 and 8 were my one and two as well, that shit's hilarious!

also, every time i watch an ANTM episode i become sad that you're not going to say anything about it. i want to know what your thoughts are on Alexandria and her ridiculous bow hat!



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