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I love you for introducing me to Katy B. Where can I buy the album in the damn US???


DITTO!!!!!! This and Jamie Woon's albums are on repeat.


I bought the album on iTunes. I had to change to the UK Store but it worked fine for me.


For the love of ... jeeze man. Please, get out of my head.

I fell in love with this site, initially, due to Winston. Seriously - adorable; it's nice to know there's a cat out there more special than my very special cat.

Then I fell in love with your musical tastes when you noted that Mariah Carey's "The Roof" is one of the most criminally overlooked records of Since Ever.

And now you're talking about how fantasmic Katy B is? Seriously, get out of my head.


You can't be serious, this is downright awful! She is not humble at all, and she sounds extremely bored most of the time.


@Mark when I tried to buy through iTunes UK it kept re-routing me back to the US site, would not let me complete the buy


Wow, didn't realize Zinc was behind some of her production... score again for a drum n bass producer crossing over into pop!

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Well, I don't know what to say on this.


I can't believe I'm actually considering buying a real-life CD, but there it is. I'm considering buying this on CD because I'm tired of not being able to get this on MP3.


She's pretty much a guilty "bro-step" pleasure, along with tracks like "me and you" by nero.

While we're on the topic of dubstep (sort of), please have a listen to these awesome tracks (both about a year old but relevant), representing other veins of the genre:

Follow Me VIP - Kryptic Minds
-deep, dark, longing (i sometimes lose my breath when this track hits)

Boombox - Bassnectar (Ill Gates remix - local Toronto hero/sweetheart/genius)
-brain/heart rattling, uplifting track - awesome to hoop to


Katy B rocks... not everybody knows how to use house music and she does!

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I have listened her debut album "On a mission". It is just rocking.

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I would like to buy a copy of Katy Perry's California Girls candy dress, for my candyland themed sweet sixteen. But cannot find it anywhere please help me.



Could you please do a piece on the pop stars who come out of the BRIT school? Katy B, Jessie J, Adele, etc?

I was just thinking about this and I really can't think of anyone else I'd rather read something on this topic from....namely you.



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She does sound bored most of the time, maybe because she seems so young.


interesting post. I especially like how you stated about her peronalitiy.


This review is great, and you've indirectly turned me on to miss Katy B via lostalbatross (aka Emily Mills). Thank you so much for that - she is holding every breath I take for the past week and a half :) I can't wait until she tours the U.S. If you or other commentators are interested, this video showcases the passion that I think shines through her vocal performances - it's a filmed studio recording of Perfect Stranger:


Ooo, let's use links here:

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