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April 22, 2011



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I just love how right after the Jeff video, YouTube advertised that "Van Halen live "1986" part 14 - Rock n Roll" is up next.

In your face, Jeff!


"I go to school with most of you. The other kids at school know that I'm a Christian, but if they don't see me acting any different than they act, then what are they gonna think?"

This is a major pet peeve of mine: Christians who act as if they're a minority in the United States of America. Not all of them, obviously, but more than you'd think considering major Christian holidays are also federal holidays.

They know you're a Christian? Well no shit dude, most of them are Christian too. A lot of people I run into will just assume that you're Christian unless you tell them otherwise. (I'm sure YMMV on people making this assumption depending on where you live)

The rest of it is too ridiculous to really get mad at. This dude fails at logic forever.


Unfortunately for Jeff, he lost this battle. Go to almost any church nowadays (especially a lot of the evangelical ones) and I guarantee you at least one mass/service will be done with a rock band. Does it become less Satanic if the really good get-down beat is about Jesus?

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I feel for the guy who raised his hand to indicate that he was going to have sex with his girlfriend after church. Probably didn't end up happening. What a cock block!


ROCK N' ROLL 4 LYFE [holds up middle finger]. That's my impassioned response.


I kind of wished he had busted out the double dream hands right at the beginning.


Now I'm not a big rock and roll fanatic. However I do know that it 'is' your decision. Something which this movie seems dead set against with it's ironic title.

All I see this movie saying is "Don't question authority, you shouldn't have free will, 99% of all music ever made is evil." and most of all "Turn into a whiny, personalityless, self opinionated, soap box betty/bob who everyone in school will treat like a pariah."

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