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Alison Brie needed more screen time for this entire thing. That is all.


I also enjoyed the film, while also finding it pretty bad, and just a touch TOO campy. Mostly Emma Roberts bad acting.

The one message that served as a punchline to the entire movie was "a remake is never better than the original." I feel like the entire movie was setup just to drive-home that point and to serve as a message to film in general - to stop remaking others ideas and try to come up with your own.

Of course that message is soured with the reality that *if* #4 is successful, Wes is already contracted in some sort of way to write a 5 and a 6. The punchline to that joke is that I'll likely go see those as well (if Sid, Gail & Dewey are there)


It's camp, but the series has always been camp.

It's way too meta, but the series has always been way too meta.

The problem is the film focuses on itself instead of focusing on the changes in the world of horror since the initial entry in the series. You can't go that meta on horror and brush off the torture porn genre with forty seconds of commentary on Saw IV. You can't choose to only use a knife when a mundane attack in a horror film is throwing someone into a trap filled with broken glass and razor blades.


I enjoyed the hell out of it.

The remake angle (horror or otherwise) fits better overall and is more relevant in 2011 than the already played-out torture porn or creepy Asian girl angle. In '96, everyone was aware how awful and perfunctory horror / slasher movies had become, so the original had a fertile playground. Horror trends of the 2000s weren't as fertile...with the exception of the constant xeroxed remakes.

So 'Scream 4' was a 'Scream' reboot but kept the original characters around to witness / comment on it...I thought it was clever, even if it wasn't perfectly executed. And the reasoning for a *certain killer* actually feels more 'Tumblr / Generation Y' than simply MySpace...I'm in this peer group and it felt right on the nose. The 'Gen Y coming face-to-face with Gen X' theme could've been punched up more...but there's only so much you can put in and keep the run time tolerable.

Damn, and I've just rambled to death in this comment. But nice write up...even if we aren't in total agreement. A+


The thing I loved about Sydney is this movie was how over it she seemed. She was strangely Zen because the only other way for her to deal with the hell she paid would be to just kill herself. In terms of charging around doing insanely stupid things, I really felt like it was a mix of bravado (hey, no one's killed me yet) and a near indifference to what happened to herself. And Neve Campbell plays it so straight, almost subverting the campiness of the movie as a whole. Yet it was still such a funny movie and served as an effective (to me) signpost not of where horror movies have been of late, but the nauseating cultural climate where anyone can be a star if they just get enough attention. It lacks the zing and the actual frights of the first movie, but it's still smarter and has more bite than most of what's out there. And damned if I didn't love Allison Brie and Hayden Pannetierre in it.

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I find this one entertaining but lacks the essence of a horror film


I just had to see it because I am so invested in those characters since first meeting them about 15 years ago. I had been excited about this film since it was originally announced and there were some entertaining parts. What it actually inspired me to do this weekend was to re-watch the previous three films. Scream 2 was way better than I remembered, thanks in part to Timothy Olyphant and Portia de Rossi's eyebrows. Scream 3 was confusing and kinda lame but still had some amusing moments. I am interested in knowing if the original Scre4m script was better than this finished film.


Rich always seems to enjoy laughing at camp and irony if he feels like he's the only one in on the joke. But if he feels like the people in the movie, the show, song, etc are in on it too, he always takes it way too serious.


Maybe I'm overshooting here -but I think you missed the critique the writers were making. Or maybe you pin-pointed the critique exactly, and just didn't appreciate it? What I will say is: Snooki was just on the cover of Rolling Stone for getting drunk every night, and having sex a lot. This country considers "Famous" an occupation, and will do, literally, anything to get there. I think Scream 4 did a really good job of demonstrating the grotesque accomplishments young adults will pursue for any level of fame. The scene where the killer runs into a knife, dives onto a coffee table, and does any number of things to secure a "victim" card is utterly ridiculous, and it has to be. Because SNOOKI is covering Rolling Stone. Dr. Drew is hosting Teen Mom. Celebrity's are replacing rehab with Vh1. Reality tv is turning real-life into parody, and I think Scream 4 works to point out how ridiculous pop culture has become in the past decade or so.

Other than that, the movie wasn't scary..I don't think it wanted to be. And I really enjoyed Neve's random Power Ranger routine. After 15yrs, it's time she trends toward hero proper.


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I'm going into some SPOILERS here...

Going into Scream--or as I like to call it, Screfourem--I felt like it absolutely had to kill one of the three returning characters for me to approve. That was my biggest beef with part 3 (it tried to act like it was going commando but turned into a safe and dumb horror comedy) and I just wanted to see Gail, Dewey "Test Audiences LOVE Me" or Sidney bite it. When they didn't--despite ALL three having multiple chances--I was annoyed, but kind of resigned. Once you THOUGHT Sidney was dead, I actually did feel sad. But then she wasn't and I huffed again.

That being said, I had fun in a crowded theater, chuckling at some of the dialogue and jumping on the rare effective jump scare. I liked the film more than 3 and less than 2, and wouldn't mind a 5th installment. That is the beauty of low expectations.

Golden J

I saw this movie at the midnight opening and LOVED it. Certainly helped that the theater felt almost like a Rocky Horror experience (just as it makes the "Slash"-fest out to be) as people were laughing and joining in on the fun. It was hilarious!


I like horror movies who has lots of drama and horrable face . i watch horror shows at night .


The original Scream was life-changing for me. I am not really exaggerating. Scre4m was clearly less so. I didn't really love it but it was earnest and, I think, relevant in a certain way. Visual homages to the previous movies and to other horror movies are indeed relevant in days when your Lady Gagas incorporate their pop-culture references so obligingly. Also in the wake of, perhaps, a Jesse Slaughter, or the recent attack on the trans woman at a McDonalds that was taped, and the significance of this strange internet culture, I don't think it was missing the mark in terms of social commentary. It's just too bad they didn't work hard to be scary.


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Scream 4 is like a middle aged comedian coming out of retirement now the kids are in Harvard and trying it on in the clubs at the wrong end of town.

"My people... you are still my people?"

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