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April 01, 2011



Must. Read. This.


Thanks again Rich! Your blog is on a roll.


I was 16 when Can't Stop The Music was released (I'm old), and I can tell you that I did A LOT of my own research on that movie at the time ...


Rich, I can't believe you've never read Dancer from the Dance. It's a personal favorite and will seriously have you in tears at multiple points. Gorgeous and sad, like the men that populate it. Enjoy!




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Young Einstein also has multiple full-frontal male nudes and is rated PG. I know this because I'm a perv.


This book sounds like a must-read. I think you'd also like Party Animals, last year's bio of Allan Carr. He was the flamboyant producer behind Grease and Can't Stop the Music, and the book covers his success and that era in so much wonderful detail. You won't be disappointed.


I'm a lover of Disco, and have been since I was a child. I must read this book! I'm glad you're reading Dancer From The Dance. I remember reading it as a teenager, many many moons ago.


Our favorite SNF song when the movie came out was "Disco inferno" but now I have to go back and listen to the whole thing again.
i wish I still had my record collection.


P.S. did you know that Alice Echols hold the Barbra Streisand Chair of Contemporary Gender Studies at USC?

Edi C.

As much as I don't like BEP and Will.i.am's music, the basis of what they do (or what he does) is straight-up disco: dance beats first and foremost, with repetitive lyrics about dancing on top. Their success is proof that disco lives on.


"I understand she was hired and revered for her point of view, but that doesn't mean others didn't exist."

Actually, it's my understanding that Pauline Kael was revered specifically for her pushing back against the tendency to treat concensus opinions as the only opinions. She said (not literally, this is my paraphrase of what seemed to be her attitude) 'this is how I honestly felt and reacted to this movie, and I'm going to unapolegetically present that point of view.' I somehow doubt, though I could be wrong, that she would disagree with you that other points of view didn't exist. I remember reading an interview with her where she was talking about another critic who she often disagreed with - I'm not certain who it was but I think it was Andrew Sarris - and that while she usually didn't agree with his critiques she respected him because 'at least he was genuine,' which she felt most critics weren't.


Just bought this book based on your recommendation! Loved your review and hope I love the book as well.

vibram five fingers

The crucial element that most critics missed about both blaxploitation and the nascent disco sound


How have you not assigned a disco tag to your posts yet, Rich? This was great, and weirdly synchronous - two weeks ago I noticed your (at)present banner, and after scrutinizing my copy of "Can't Stop the Music", verified that the prismachromatic gymnast featured therein is indeed the same short-shorted fellow.

To save drive space, I decided to edit CSTM down to it's most essential 'bare' minimum (the YMCA segment), and while I was doing that, the audio went wildly out of sync and I heard Steve Guttenberg saying "OK, guys, let's get ready to record. We'll back it twice; it's gonna be in four-four."


kate welsh

The book is a good buy and a good read but nothing of a great one.

kate newton

Ahuh? I haven't got the book...will head out and find it.


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