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April 28, 2011


Michael E

"Let's twist again, like we used to do!"

I laughed at this for the obvious reason of mangling the original lyrics to "Let's Twist Again," but moreover imagining Chubby Checker claiming his intellectual property was stolen had they not done that.


New niche Tumblr idea: hotguysinbadinfomercials.tumblr.com. I nominate the guy in the green.


Oh lord, the confetti.


Have you ever seen Sit and Be Fit?

If I am at home and it is on I can't do anything else until it ends.


It reminds me of a minstrel show with frisbees instead of tambourines.


Confetti? Oh yeah.

I have a feeling it would all be much easier standing up. And I don't think they're getting any exercise.


Can you believe your life will be totally changed within several mins?

~~ M eet ing Ri ch * c/-0 m ~~ will make it come true!! You can meet thousands of millionaires here! You will have a da t e soon and you have access to upper class luxury life!!

Why not have a try? New life is on the way.


Holy shit, it ends with glitter!

I'm all for developing exercises for people with physical limitations but do we have to make them do things like the cat eyes? Haven't they suffered enough?

Best Ab Exercises For Men

Lol definitely likin the glitter/confetti


Is it wrong that I think the guy in green is cute?

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Now This is what I'm Talking About!


My mom actually owns this video. She used it when she had surgery on her foot. My father said it was the saddest thing he had ever witnessed.

Spartan 300 Workout

I don't think this form of exercise can really burn fats. What do you think?


Brian: No.

And, lol, the YouTube channel chairdancing has started responding in the comments to people who say that this won't keep anyone fit.


Oh my god, Sarah. I laughed like a crazy fool at your comment. Maybe it's also 'cause I imagined someone dressed like the lady doing it in the living room with a man in the doorway looking in shaking his head. Haha, priceless!


Though the guy in the green is attractive, his face looks like he was there as an extra and had NO idea what he signed up to do.

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