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May 19, 2011


adam matthews

Uhmazing! Love Her


I thought she handled that quite well, better than most would. I've always been a little "over" von Trier. He always seems provocative-for-the-sake-of-being-provocative to me.


I personally like the part (which was quite early in his comments) where she tried to tell him to "stop" (it's the second gif down on the right in the big block above). He seemed completely baffled about what she was reacting to. Kray-zee.


I can't believe von Trier violated the sanctity of the premier of "Kung Fu Panda 2."


does anybody else remember when she said she'd only ever get all the way naked for almodovar? this is her regretting not holding out: http://fourfour.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451b8c369e20154326749b2970c-pi

peter howell

In a movie I saw a few years ago, Clint Eastwood asks John Malkovich why he's trying to kill the President. His response is; "to punctuate the dreariness." That line was one of the first things that came to mind when I read about von Trier's jousting with the press after the screening of Antichrist last year. It's the same thing this year. He's been called a misogynist, a provocateur, a genius, a misanthrope and a mental patient, to name a few. He may be all of those things, but I doubt very much that he's a Nazi.

Robert Lonn

I like the concept of the GIF wall. It is like watching a video in parallel mode:-) I wonder if this can be used in a standardized way to actually speed up "intake of information" Or if it is just an art thing.
check this one out for inspiration

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I would love it. Or if you have a link that could help explain some stuff I would appreciate that too. Thanks so much. I hope you can help me figure out where to go from here.




Her eyes and stare on the second to last clip are something ridiculous. Amazing.
You outdid yourself on this one, Rich.


I just don't understand why people keep wanting to work with him? It seems that a lot of actors have publicly spoken out about their horrible experiences with him. I do love "The Kingdom," though.


this is so retarded as always


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Kirstens pain in her eyes on clip 8 is intense. Her body language speaks volumes. It shows how shocked and disapointed she is in him and his stupid comments.

Krystle Dawn

Kirsten is so awesome! I wish I knew her. This is great, but whatta dumbass!!!!


I don't really care about the political incorrectness of this since I sympathize with Hitler as well, however, I just want to put my tongue between Kirsten's thighs!

J Molitor

Well ... it proves hat He's NUTS and SHE matches that! Makes a NICE couple..
a nice couple


The very first .gif accurately summarizes how I feel about a lot of the things going on in my life/the world.


Ever notice how people who really have nothing to say, say anything. B list person.


You must be aware by now, you've been linked by yahoo.



Bottom 2 on the left? Yep. She looks like she's about to bitch-slap him. :)


Thanks for making this point! I tried to say something similar here: http://utsun.org/lars-von-triers-naziness


I love Dunst, and I also love Trier. It really disgusts me that Trier would sink to this level to try and promote his stuff (HE DOESN'T NEED TO). I have loved most of his work, I honestly think he is kind of a genius, but this is fucking stupid. I know he takes pleasure in being somewhat of a "troll" but this is too far. I would think Antichrist is enough bad publicity or him but WHATEV. WHATEV VON T.


I can't stop admiring ms dunst's awesome hair colour... so blonde.


We may never understand what was going on in Trier's head but we can certainly relate to Dunst and her extreme level of discomfort. It's amazing that she was able to sit through all of it instead of getting up and walking out after he ignored her advice to stop.

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