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So it's morally questionable to try to understand Hitler? Why? Because he's a demon and not a man and even thinking about what in Hitler's life made him the way he was will spread the evil from hell in your mind?

I'd say it's morally wrong to NOT try and understand. If we understand, we might be able to stop those sort of people from being created.

Is Der Untergang (Downfall) morally wrong too, because it shows Hitler as a human?


apparently, the cannes jurors agree with you and they gave her the best actress award.

and in a sort of related topic (gifs), what do you think of cinemagraph?


Publicist! Where's my publicist?

I'm wearing McQueen...?

Von Trier has always spewed tripe for a headline and his Dogme nonsense was just clever marketing to cinephiles for cheap films.


The GIF has certainly captured a gruesomely awkward moment for bloggers to see (in sequence) Dunst's reaction to what went down in Cannes. It is also enlightening to see how a GIF has been able to document such a defining cultural moment


concerning the last .gif on the left... I'd like to think she's saying "STFP, purrrlease" out of the corner of her mouth.. but she probably isn't..on the other hand I would love to know what she did say....lip-readers of the world...what? (mouth is well-twisted so this may be impossible


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the real star of the clip is Kirsten Dunst whose media-trained world is clearly turned upside down as she sits next to a public figure who says shit you're not supposed to say as a public figure.


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I think you misread this entirely. It's just a silly mistake made by someone who speaks in an unedited way in an effort to maintain his uneditedness. Somewhat out of earnestness, somewhat out of artifice, somewhat of pretense. Whatever. But if you were having beers at some friendly get-together, everyone would laugh and he would have explained what he meant. It's obviously to his credit that he got so nervous he couldn't even make his point. And anyway, Kirsten is not that stupid or uptight--she knows this is basically a big fat gaffe. She's not mortified, she's more like "EEEESH".

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Beautiful woman!

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I think this is Dunst's finest role!


I am simply out of words after reading your blog. I want to appreciate the way you handled such a complicated subject. Nothing better than this could be written in such a simple manner! Hats off dude!!!I


I am simply out of words after reading your blog. I want to appreciate the way you handled such a complicated subject. Nothing better than this could be written in such a simple manner! Hats off dude!!!I

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Thank you FourFour - I don't have Bravo and I'm a huge Whitney fan. She's real - he's real - and they've never tried to something that they aren't - they put their weirdness out there for the whole world to see and as a bonus - neither has ever bothered the general public with their views on anything meaningfull or important - now that's my kind of entertainer.

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I can't stop admiring ms dunst's awesome hair colour... so blonde.

Don Ball

Major composure to say the least. I would had just walked out leaving the bigot to flounder by himself. Stay or leave - both would had been documented on her career history. This one was better and showed her as a strong woman and actress at the same time. And it showed Trier more unstable as a whatever you deem or judge his remarks verses his film creations. The man has too many demons.

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