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May 24, 2011



This is truly terrible.


I was mesmerized by his trousers.


yeah, but...


i can't hate too hard on anything that ushered in the MAW era.


I didn't know Frankie Muniz cut a single. OH MY GOD you did not warn me about the RAP!


Were his parents rich or something? Because this totally looks like something some rich kid in an 80s sitcom had his dad put together. "But Daddy, I wanna be a HIP HOP STAR!!"

... I think I hate you for this.

vibram five fingers

Two things that are in this video: a guitar and the words "hip-hop" repeated ad nauseam.




"Hip-hop till you drop, then stop." Thanks for the safety tip, Chris. I thought I'd keep going after I collapsed from too much of the hipping and hopping.

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Andy S. aka 'O'

Who knew that Kurt Hummel and Corey Feldman had a child and abandoned him in the 80s!?!

This is truly one of the most horrible things I've ever seen. And I loved every minute of it ;3

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I'll just say OMG! :)

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