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May 06, 2011



Ha, that's hilarious! Those little meows!






You probably caught it, but EW. links to your "im not here to make friends" youtube video, on today's office recap. Before I even clicked over, I was like oh that must be Rich's mashup, I'm soooo a regular here!


I loved this post. I love that you this this. I love it too. I love that you're unashamed to love it. I'm such a cat lady too! xoxoxoxoxo!

MJ McStabby

I squee'd. I laughed. I died.

I'm such a sucker for kitten squeaks. TOO FUNNY.


Don't you just love the narrator? How deep-voiced, solemn, full of gravitas he is while reading gems like:

'The Persian kittens' favorite hang-out is their royal purple bed. A feline nest almost as fuzzy as THEY are!'

'Truly Elegant... IS truly angry.'

'It's a lesson that the pugs have learned the hard way: Never mess with a Persian!'

Shipping a Vehicle

This such an amusing video which can people indeed appreciate the kindness of little pets. As I've it, it was really cute while while some other puppies are being comfortable where they are.

Mandy Porter

Oh my Basement Cat, I think I just squeed myself.


I'm torn between whether the best part of this was the narration, embroidered denim Christmas shirt, or the pug beat-down.


I am SO GLAD that someone else watched this show! I certainly thought I was the only one but I guess I should have known better.

Now, I have to say, I did NOT like how they played with my heartstrings with Tiny Dancer. Despite the fact that the show is called "Too Cute!", this is still Animal Planet and I was very, very afraid she was going to die. Even her eventual end as an "independent" kitty (read: loner) made me a little sad.

The pug attack was great. The narrator was better. Imagining him in the voiceover booth reading this script is a fun game, because I'm sure it was either a "What has my life come to?" moment or a "I have the best career ever" moment.


If "Total Recall" technology becomes a reality this is the first memory I will buy.


Phenelope, I know exactly what you mean. When Animal Planet had a special kitten episode of Cats 101 a couple of weeks ago, they showed a Persian kitten getting sicker and then the narrator intoned, "Sadly, Bandit did not survive." THANKS! I know shit like that happens, but I didn't tune in to a kitten show to hear about it. So I was glad Tiny Dancer made it.

Anyway, THIS VIDEO. Oh my god. You know how when you feel so warm and protective and loving of someone or something that your heart squeezes up? I felt like that with these kittens. And Reginald (the little black and white kitten) trying to fight back with his eensy paw! So ferocious! So brave! I WANT EVERY ONE OF THEM NOW.


The best part of this video is watching it a second time and realizing that the owner has cats and dogs with the same kind of faces... I wonder if this is subconscious? Cute and funny either way.

Vanessa M

My killer Pekingese loves kittehs. He's now running the room around growling and trying to figure out where they are.

Marilyn Batey

Iloved the little babies. I foster kittens for our local Humane Society and they are always just too adorable. These Persions were beyond cute. (Ps. I own a pug, also!)

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They are so adorable!! :)

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