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Kate Bush's speaking voice is like a lullaby, and I mean that in the best possible way.


I feel almost 100% the same about the order of favorite/least favorite from Director's Cut, with the exception of This Woman's Work being at the bottom. I actually really liked the newer version, and put it more towards 4 or 5 on my list.

The version of "Sensual World" made me cringe. And as it was the 1st song on the album, it kind of freaked me out. But I went ahead and listened to the rest of them, and felt much, much better after I did.

Good God, that woman is awesome!


I listened to Director's Cut on the NPR Web site and, while it was fine, I didn't feel the songs needed to be remade. I agree with you about This Woman's Work. Without the emotional crescendo at the end, the new version falls flat. As far as her other albums go, Hounds of Love was like her Sgt. Pepper to me. Everything prior to and including Hounds of Love was great; everything after it was a steady pattern of diminishing returns. Still, I think she's an amazing musician who made an incredible mark on the world.


Not really impressed in the revamped Sensual World tracks. The originals remain superior, particularly Deeper Understanding.

However she did The Red Shoes album justice. Song of Solomon, Lily, And So Is Love, Top of the City and Moments of Pleasure are marked improvements. Though Rubberband Girl and taking on The Red Shoes track was a bit of a waste.

Wish she had revisited Why Should I Love You? minus the Prince contribution instead. That unreleased demo floating around on youtube has so much potential.

It would have been fun too if she revisited something from The Kick Inside/Lionheart era.


I can never hear a British person say the word "lentils" again without thinking of Nigel in "The Young Ones." Just thought I'd throw that out there.


another beautiful veghead. sigh...

vibram five fingers

Works beautifully as an album and takes house music really seriously without getting tangled in strict dogma. Very special.


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I fucking love Kate Bush more than anything on Earth, she is my number one favorite singer of all time, and I love that you love her too. One of these days, Rich, you and I will hang out.

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I love Kate Bush,Thanks for sharing!

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