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If any of you even bother to do a quick damn google search, you can look at his formspring where he clearly says that he hates the whole race, sexuality, or religious intolerance.

He uses all these terms to prove a point, the fact that you get offended makes you more of a racist than he does. Does he rape? No. Does he murder? No.

Why are you so offended? Has he ever physically beaten a homosexual? Does he specifically target homosexuals? In his lyrics, has he ever said "I hate all gay people"? No, he just used a derogatory term with NO MEANING BEHIND IT. If someone calls me a chink, I shrug it off; there is no need for me to be offended because I understand that the world at whole doesn't care.

vibram five fingers

This is to say nothing about his use of the word "dyke" ("If you disagree lick a couple pimple cover clits from some stripping lesbian dykes that fight niggas that like to rap about those dykes that fight niggas


Maybe people over 30 pretend to like this music. I find it hard to believe. Nor do I really understand why, at a liberating age when one is free to stop pretending, why the draw to be cool is still so strong as to incline one make time for crap like this music.

As a woman who's been listening to hip hop for decades now, I've had to wrestle with how I feel about misogyny in rap for a long time. I choose not listen, no matter the disclaimers, if a certain line is crossed.

Is there not a little self-hatred involved if I sit and listen to music whose hate is directed against ME, regardless of whether I can guess if the hate is "sincere" or just a "joke"?

I guess if you are gay you could subject yourself to listening to this real or not-real hate towards yourself, but why?? Are there not hundreds of other artists out there who deserve your attention instead?

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