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So asinine, I couldn't even watch that whole thing. Now, will someone please throw that racist combover fucktard under a REAL bus!

Dr. Bob

I can't either, soulbrotha. I think in Trump's case, he'd want the bus to be painted black, with "TRUMP" in gold on the sides.

"It's QUALITY. And it's HUUUUGE."

I think the viewers threw the whole show under the bus by not actually watching it. The Apprentice has seen its day. It was somewhere around 2007.


Along with that overdone comment is "... At the end of day, it's a competition". I'm so tired of hearing that, as if, what --- it's not a competition up until that arbitrary point? It's just some strange, throwaway line people use too. Do a montage of ".. At the end of the day .. ", Rich!

vibram five fingers

The one above spans all four Celebrity seasons of the show, so get ready for at least four times the annoyance!

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Interesting video :)

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