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May 16, 2011



Tiny brain.


Winston is cute and all, but what really needs to be addressed here is your HUGE dvd collection. Holy shit, man!


Are you sure a mouse hasn't taken up residence behind the wall? Given the super-sensitive hearing of cats, and the fact that mine staked out one cabinet in our kitchen for MONTHS until he emerged victorious with a kill, it might explain the behavior. It sounds like Rudy isn't paying it any mind, though, so I might be wrong. Cats are so weird.


Maybe there is a hidden door and Winston wants to visit Narnia? Or the mouse thing.


Another idea (this is what I think the reasoning is for my cats inexplicably doing something similar at my house) - is there plumbing in that wall? My cats seem to notice/care/be intrigued when water flows through the pipes in the wall. They'll even cry at it sometimes.


Mice. You have them. Luckily, it doesn't look like they're in a place where they can get out easily.


Winston, the might hunter! Definitely a critter in there. He's too excited and focused for it to be random.


Better tell him now, the Littles Don't Stop.


And your banner is a genius.


yeah, I think it's mice, too.


It COULD be a mouse - or it could be a mark on the wall. When you panned across the area I saw a small smudge/hole/mark. When I bought my new house this fall, the previous owner left a picture hanger in the wall over my bed. I haven't found the art I want to hang, yet, but I didn't want to take the nail out of the wall, either.

Now, some days my cats don't notice it. Other days they go batshit crazy over it like there's a freakin' bug on the wall taunting them, yelling at them. They will try to attack it, yell at it, fight over it, just act silly.

Cats are just weird, and that's why I have four.


Do you seriously have dead Littles in your walls?


Why don't you just admit you rubbed bananas on the wall?

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

If it was a rodent then wouldn't Rudy be going crazy there too? I much prefer the Narnia idea mentioned above. Those movies would have been much better if the main characters were speechless cats, without the constant jabbering of those annoying British kids.

Jen - The Alien Spouse

The cat, Hubbard, we had when I was a teenager had the same sort of reaction to the bottom left corner of the "Lost Boys" poster on my bedroom wall. If I left anything on my bed and she could get high enough to reach it, then she would sit there and try to dig through the thing. She was weird.

Actually thinking about it, Hubbard sort of looked like Winston, is there any Californian Ragdoll in his lineage?


My cat is currently obsessed with trying to get under the stove, even though it is obviously too small for him. This looks similar. The phase will pass, but its weird while it lasts.


As a Crazy Cat Lady, Imma guessing he saw something on the wall recently, like a spider, and now predicts a second sighting is imminent. Since that spider was so very fascinating and we all know spiders are nothing if not replicable, cloning monsters AND creatures of habit, of course Win expects another spider to appear ANY MINUTE GUYS.

This also explains why Rudy isn't hearing/seeing the same thing. Rudy does not know about the possible impending spider brigade RIGHT THERE.


That is the most energetic I've ever seen Winston!

I suppose there's always a possibility that you have cockroaches or something on the other side of the wall....

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Maybe there is a hidden door and Winston wants to visit Narnia? Or the mouse thing.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Wow , the spammers are actually reading the comments now! That's progress, I guess (not).


I <3 Winston 4evs


For once I'm thinking forget Winston! I wanna go through your awesome dvd library and watch some movies!

As for Win's new vexation I think it's supernatural - like a vortex or portal! Looks like it's time to roll out the Ouija board, guys! (Actually, I'm scared of Ouija boards, so please don't.)

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

Wow they must have really hated Molly!! Did you see how they mutilated her hair? And then Tyra tells her she can be a really successful model. NOt until her hair is fixed! She looked traumatized, I felt so sorry for her.

Brenda Walsh

Are there pipes behind that wall?
A couple of years ago, my cat was spazzing out at the ceiling above the kitchen cabinets for weeks. Eventually, water started leaking from the ceiling a few feet from his freak out spot.
I have 3 cats and only the nutcase we call Karate Kitty was wigging out.
If only we understood that frantic jumping & meowing at the wall meant,"overflowing shower upstairs!"


maybe you have vampires in your walls. or sharks. maybe they're in your toilet.

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