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June 25, 2011



Beautiful. Just beautiful.


I like you. This was perfect.


I am so happy for all my gay friends at the moment, this is momentous.

Now Australia needs to follow suit.


This made me a little misty eyed. You said it all perfectly.


This is why I visit your blog. Your writing is just beautiful. Thank you for this. You should write a book and/or many books of personal essays in the vein of this piece. Seriously, this was so gorgeous.


Thanks for that! This was my favorite post ever, including the ones about Winston and Rudy.


Marriage isn't something couples HAVE to do, whether gay or straight -- but I'm really happy that now, you really have a choice. Best wishes to you and your ~domestic partner~ in a happy future, whatever it looks like.


Lovely essay, Rich. I'm so very happy for the people of New York embracing progress and change. I'm a sucker for early Madonna. Your partner can cook fish; he's a keeper.


This is why I read your blog... It's personal, compelling, witty writing like this that has brought me here year after year.

Much gratitude, Rich.


thank you rich


I've been reading your blog for years, and while you could have a marriage for tax benefits- you SHOULD have an ANTM*, Winston, Jersey boardwalk carnival-themed of a fundraiser/wedding for your fans!

*Officiated by CariDee and music provided by Lisa 'Ace of Spades' DiAmato.

Hannah J

Thanks for sharing, you are such a great writer, I love reading what you have to say. Very moving.


This is why I love reading your blog. Not only are you willing to share such personal details, but you also do it so beautifully. You are an inspiration as a writer and as a gay man. Coming from NH I already know the feeling of being able to have that option, and it is amazing, so enjoy it even if you choose not to partake in it yourself. It's all about the win and it is a great one.


yay for purchasing from gilt taste! i work for gilt. lol.

Stretch mark cream

Perfect! It is simple beautiful.


I got choked up when I saw photos of the lights on the Empire State Building. I'm a straight woman who has no desire to ever be married, I lived with a boyfriend for 7 years and after several refused proposals we broke up. That was forever ago. Ironic how this decision suddenly presents a conflict in your life you didn't have to address earlier. I can only imagine how I might be feeling tonight if I were gay. I think I'd be bitter to be begrudgingly granted the right to do something I never wanted to do. But I'm very happy for all the people who are over the moon about it. It's good to see tangible evidence that progress is being made, however slowly.


When we heard the news... yours was one of the names we thought of. And now I'm tearing up again. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's absolutely beautiful.


rich, you're an excellent writer. thanks for sharing your experience.


Great reading this, Rich, and thank you for the video at Stonewall.


Thank you for this perspective, Rich--this was such thrilling news. 6/24 is my own wedding anniversary and now I will always feel that it's a doubly favored day.


You've brought tears to my eyes with this post. It's so damn powerful. Thanks for giving us this glimpse into your life.


Congratulations! I would love you see you and your boyfriend get married with Rudy and Winston as groomsmen! :)


I sat here in Colorado and watched the proceedings, not so much with my own intentions in mind, but with my ties to New York State and just hoping that they would do the right thing. Whether or not I ever do get married, that day will hold in my memory as a great example of both the gay community's resilience and the ability of individuals to admit that they were wrong, even if it meant putting their livelihood in jeopardy. Thanks for sharing the night with us.


I take issue with your use of the word "fervid." I have always associated it with fire and brimstone orators, not a joyous happening. Please clarify. xxoo


Aw. I love you! I love your blog! A lot of times people who have an interest in pop culture are just superficial... what I love about you & your blog is that you are able to provide humor & levity & superficiality & 'throwback' references.... but there is also a real genuine depth to you & your writing. Sounds like it was a perfect evening.

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