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June 23, 2011


Leah C

I agree Rich! I like the video because she actually looks ALIVE. She showed at least 3 or 4 different expressions I haven't seen on her face in a long damn time. And after the lackluster footage from the beginning of the Femme Fatale tour in Sacramento, I was really starting to just give up and say "I just can't with you anymore"...
Good for her. What was up with Guillermo and the milk, though?!?


I was so prepared to hate it, and then the marquee said "Crossroads 2, Cross Harder" and I couldn't.


I just love that she's flippant and funny about being sexy instead of bombastic (had to).

Can someone explain that Half Baked reference though? People have been mentioning it for two days straight and I'm lost.


I fucking love this song. It's not right but it feels good anyhow.


I love this song uncontrol...lably....lably.....lably


The Half Baked reference is what she says to the reporters and Guillermo Diaz being there.


I feel like she looks alive and excited about this video because she had some part in it, most likely the styling? She seems to like doing that trashy rockabilly look, circa Why Don't You Do Something days.

Also? I get the feeling she likes being a superhero. Toxic, Break The Ice, and now dis.


Watch the video very closely. You mught notice her lipsyncing fail at the end when she is in the car.

The audio says "The dirt I've got running through my mind". Her lips say "The dirt that's been running throught my mind".

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