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June 29, 2011



I've crushed on Pit for a while now, but the records have been solid as well. Wouldn't it be amazing if he'd just take it all the way back and make a Freestyle record the next time around?


I've loved Pitbull for a while - but does he need to name himself anew on EVERY SINGLE TRACK?

Mr. Worldwide
Mr. 305
Mr. Right Now
Mr. whatthefuck

Fredo Ruiz

Pitbull has always been the only person I would drop my panties for in an instant. YES HOMO.

Hannah J

I liked reading this!

Carrie Hammer

"It's the larynx's answer to squinting eyes" - Is it possible for a larynx to smize?

glass dildo

I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading and Pit is always a MR RIGHT.You have nice post.I will
keep visiting this blog very often.

23 Wolves

The best review of ANYTHING I have read in a while. Thanks.

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Great review,I will watch it at once!

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Popping up on just about every pop hit on the radio over the last year, it is only natural that Pitbull's sixth album would feature a bevy of guest appearances. Full of club-ready hip-hop, driven by bumping beats and nightclub loving lyrics, the chrome-domed rapper aims to deliver a smash single on every track, and damn near succeeds.

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Pitbull has been ascendant over the last decade, an arc that mirrors the rise of the kind of dance-friendly, boozily anesthetized rap he manufactures. Coming off his appearance/co-writing credit on Jennifer Lopez's smash "On the Floor," he further establishes himself as the Diddy of Miami with his sixth effort, a collection of big-star appearances and shimmery beats that's also one of the laziest albums of the year.

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