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June 07, 2011





Am I a leprechaun? Is this the end of the rainbow?






Mr. Vain is one of the most amazing songs ON EARF.

The Dyv

An ode to radio tapes! I love it.


rich, sometimes it scares me how similar our musical histories are. the difference being i made sure to buy every week's billboard (or make my parents, oh how i must have annoyed them) to read bill coleman then larry flick talk up the new dance releases, and obsess over the charts. and i would record whole swaths of the weekend mixshows. just hit record and walk away, so i could listen throughout the week. i simply cannot wait to dive into these. thank you.


So cute. And such an intrepid li'l music explorer.


Crucified! That song pops up on my running mix to this day.


I find this to be both fun and kind of trippy. While I share a like mind with you when it comes to movies, our musical tastes are very divergent with the occasional over-lap. Oddly enough, my mix tapes (like you, most of mine were made from the radio)and yours cover a lot of the same ground...over half are stuff I love, which I really didn't expect to see. And that half? I all have digitally now. Granted, it seems that you have moved on from most of these things, which means I'm very probably lame, but that's okay. At least we share a musical history of a sort. Once upon a time I had the potential to grow up to be cool.


Oh my GOD. I am not alone. I didn't think I was the only kid who obsessively listened to radio, putting tape over the holes on those cassettes Memorex designed to look like faces & taping every hot thing that played as I scribbled the titles down & named the cassette something retarded like "R&B Jamz #7". I Didn't think I was the ONLY one, but seeing that you did the EXACT SAME THING just makes my heart happy.

I not only taped giant mixes of shit, but I at one time was obsessed with obscure Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 demos & so had like THIRTY or so cassettes of shit like MJ & Freddie Mercury, MJ and Paul McCartney, MJ, Randy & little Janet fucking around in their home studio, et cetera.

I went through boxes of these last winter and along with about 100 or so VHS tapes (similar compilations) I had to throw them all out. I felt like a piece of my childhood died and went to the landfill, but at the same time I thought: None of this shit matters now but it was so FUN when I was recording it. Meaning, it served its purpose.

Man, I'm rambling and Beyonce is pulling out these crazy Phil Collins-isms on my eardrums as I type. Let me shut up now & scroll back up to swoon over those tape shots.

Love it, Rich.




This is art.


Oh, man, the pictures alone bring back such intense memories of my '80's youth! I can practically taste the Cool Ranch Doritos and Cherry Coke!


Rich, I feel like we should have met by now and this post pretty much confirms it. We both grew up on the Jersey Shore, love dance music and now the mix tapes and reading Billboard at a young age. I linked to this post on Facebook and said that you're my brother from another mother.


I hope you are planning to write a memoir someday, Rick. I really enjoy reading your recollections of your earlier life. :)


Awww crap I called you Rick. Kill me.


Kids these days just don't have to wait and wait next to their radio with their finger on the "pause" button, trying to get the latest best song. I recently unearthed boxes of cassettes, sadly I had made my own cd mixes over my old radio mixes.


Ahhh this is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. Your voice sounds so cute in "Radio 4" haha.


rich :-) i love you :-)

Eric H.

Hearing the crummy sound volley back and forth between the right and left channels on "Don't Lose the Magic" ... This is a Proustian moment.

Ari B.

OH MAN! I LUV YA RICH! THIS SHIT IS CRISP! This is why your blog is the shit. No one brings back the hits!

The jams are HAWT!


Love it...I used to do the same thing. The central library in Syracuse would get Billboard, and I would either take the bus down to read it or I would call the information desk and get whatever info I needed. Sadly, all of my mix tapes are gone, but they def molded who I am as a music fan.


Do you know who performed "Latino Swing?" I like it but can't find any more info b/c the title isn't google-able enough.


I totally found it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhVwyUSdvLU

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