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There's no way to convey how much joy this has brought me over the past few days. I did this exact same thing, only I had much worse taste.


This makes me so nostalgic for my 80's childhood, making tapes of the radio when i was too young to afford to buy music, how the radio would actually play a variety of music, how the songs all sounded uniquely different. The 80's and early 90's were a great time for pop and R&B music.

I used to stay up late and record the dance mixes broadcast live from the clubs in my hometown of San Francisco and wish my little tween self could be at the club they were playing these mixes at.

I'll take listening to these 80's mix tapes of the utter blandness of Lady GaGa any day. She's only trying to ape these sounds anyway. Why not just direct your ears straight to the source?


i. love. you.


This is amazing. I wish I had saved all of my tapes.


I love this. I've always made mix tapes for myself and friends, making them suffer through some and love others. Before I started to buy records, I started by recording music on the radio. Sometimes you would rewind when you didn't like the song and re-record leaving bits and pieces of the original around. Or you cut off the DJ. Or you cut the songs short. Man, does this take me back and those memorex tapes were hot. Thanks, Rich!


This really brought a tear to my eye. I lost my tapes but I remember the craft that went into making them. LOVE it!


PS Best Thing In Life Are Free was my jam, too!


Love your radio call in. Cute!


awesome! this is like someone made me a wonderful wonderful mix tape...i'll be listening to these all day while i work at my desk :)

George Alley

RICH!!! Hello I haven't talked to you since the late 90's! my friend Julia just forwarded me these insanely appealing mixes and then I realized who's blog this is. Hope you are well. xoxo


We must be the same age, I was making mix tapes of the same songs from the radio. When I saw that you had "Can We Talk" by Tevin Campbell, I had to jump right to that.
So many of these songs sound familiar that I'm not sure if I remember them, or if it's just that everything sounded the same :)


Folks might enjoy these videos of Jimmy Fallon and Gwyneth Paltrow's 90's R&B group Shazzazz:


This is seriously my most favoritest thing on the innernetz EVERS. Forreals. <3 Thanks for sharing!


Bless you. I love cassettes and loved making my own tapes back in the day. My radio tapes though were done on a reel-to-reel.


I love 90s House and Miami Bass so this is a pretty cool throwback. I too used to record my own tapes but a lot of the ones I had got wrecked a few years ago.

I'd like the current dance craze so much better if it were aping Miami Bass rather than just squeezing what's left of a rather dated, tinny sounding mock-Europop-meets-Garage ringtone ready sound that has been over since '05 or so. I was tired of the sound by the time Madge's Confessions and Britney's Blackout were released yet the youngins are still hanging on to it.


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