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June 20, 2011



I thought for sure at the beginning when he shifted a bit he was going for the typical ballsack lick that most male cats are notorious for doing. :)


You sir, are a genius.


He's concerned about Rudy trapped in there!


This is hilarious. I concur with Elissa; you are a genius! haha


Winston, you're such an awesome interviewer! Next time I have to interview someone I'll see if you're available to do the honors (pssst... I pay in BANANAS!) ,o) Many smooches for you, dude!


Ooops! That posted in the completely wrong place =/

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I don't believe he's so much concerned about Rudy being trapped in the device so much as worried he'll get trapped in there and won't be able to eat anymore bananners.

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Winston is soooo uber cute! He looks so flippant watching himself on the ipad...hehehhe


How adorable is Winnie? He's wondering where the hell that handsome kitty went!


At around the 5 second mark where his head starts wobbling around, I LOL'd. It's like his depth-perception is out of whack. He's the coolest kitty ever.


If this doesn't get y'all a commercial deal with Apple, they're total idiots. Oh wait...

Btw I give this video four out of five bananas. A banana was removed for being under the minimum Win-Vid requirements (2 mins). Pleaase do not repeat this error again. Thx!

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Winston is so uber cute! I like it!

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Good lord, you let your cat near your iPad?! I even hesitate before handing mine to my girlfriend, and her nails are only a fraction as dangerous :)

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