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June 15, 2011



Judy Blume is a goddess. If I had a Twitter I would follow her so hard, but knowing that you might inspire Tiger Eyes & Head is good enough.


Oh my god. When I was probably a freshman in high school, I went to the local B. Dalton in my small town and bought Forever. I ran home and read it in a couple of hours. Every now and again I would go back and re-read the sex parts over and over again, jumping out of my skin if someone knocked on my bedroom door while I was reading. So yeah, thanks for the education, Judy.

ian christy

I still have fond flashback memories of reading Forever during 6th grade and not getting half the "He came... She came..." references, I mean, they're already there, thought younger, sheltered me. This sounds like a must read, how'd I miss this?



Panda, ok. Burro is a little weird. But sand shark...really? Was sperm whale too overt, then? "Wifey" sounds like a hoot.

My mom had this on her bookshelf too, and encouraged me to read whatever I wanted (correctly assuming I'd ignore the trashier stuff). Actually, I remember sitting on her bed one day, attempting to read "Carrie" at the tender age of nine, but the menstruation stuff in the first chapter completely befuddled me, so I put it back.


Anyone read Summer Sisters? Titilating at the age where I started being titilated. I'll really never forget it. Judy Blume is fantastic, I will read Wifey as soon as I get my hands on a copy.


this book sounds hilarious, I shall put it on my to read list


My grandma bought me Forever when I was about 6, thinking Judy Blume=children's author. After asking my mom, "What's 'a good lay'?" "What's 'come'?" the book was taken away. At a sleepover, my friend & I found it & made a list a lot like the one you posted above. We fell asleep before hiding the evidence, & I got grounded. I <3 Judy Blume!!


"Anyone read Summer Sisters? Titilating at the age where I started being titilated. I'll really never forget it. Judy Blume is fantastic, I will read Wifey as soon as I get my hands on a copy."

I was just going to tell Rich to read that! It has some similarly amazing scenes like Wifey. So amazing! I <3 Judy Blume so much. She's so great!


I read "Wifey" while in high school and was never the same way again. Judy Blume is amazing. Nuff said.


The Judy Blume/Jean Grae interaction on twitter was basically the highlight of my week.


Judy Blume is my forever icon. When I was about 12 years old, I wrote her a fan letter and basically spilled about all my woes (bullies! Crushes! Annoying older brother!) and she wrote back. Not just a form letter, either, but a long, thoughtful letter addressing each part. At the end, after she signed her name (the letter was typed), she added a handwritten postscript telling me to write back and tell her how things had turned out. It's one of my most cherished possessions.


Judy Blume is indeed a goddess. I remember a whole crew of kids hiding in the back of a school bus reading the highlighted pages of Forever on a school trip. LOL

Wifey is indeed a good read!


I remember trying to read it back in the day, and when I got to the tampon part all I could think was, "Doesn't she know about TSS?" ;)



An excerpt of hers from a book she contributed to w/ other censored writers. She's wonderful.

My favorite is Blubber, one of the smartest YA books out there. My favorite thing about it is also what apparently almost got it banned: no simple resolution. The popular assholes (mostly0 stay popular assholes, and the fat girl remains alone. I remember being scandalized by the word "bitch" when reading it in 5th grade.


Wow, I had no idea about Judy Blume's "naughty" side! Awesome! Thanks for broadening our whore-izons, as always, Rich.


can you ask miss blume if it's true that her "wifey" has been in development as a film vehicle for mariah carey?
what could be more adorable?
i see miss carey cast hilariously against type as a repressed jewish white girl, with strawberry blonde, bouffant hair w/bangs, in a succession of super-short, suburban, 60s mod ensembles...
but i also see a contemporary update, featuring a classic mariah remake jam incorporating next's mid 90s hit, "wifey":
"braids, the weave, skirt or jeans/(i'm) still (your) queen"
in the 70s carly simon was rumored to be starring in erica jong's "fear of flying", which is another sexy 70s retro novel ripe for arch mariah-fication.
are u writing screenplays, dear?
take these ideas, hon; u don't have 2 pay me!


Oh my, do I remember this book. My mom and the neighbor whispered about it.


I remember reading "Forever" and it described that it always hurt for a virgin. I decided right then and there that I was never going to be a virgin.

Becky Grunewald

you got the eye covering too! there are certain movies (Animal House, some Monty Python stuff) that I have not seen all the way through as an adult without someone putting their hands over my eyes. Don't adults realize that hearing it and not seeing it just makes it seem dirtier?


Your blog is my favorite book in the Internet.


"Cunt vinaigrette" is my new favourite phrase.

L. Duhon

Especially while driving?!!!

stretch mark cream

Where is the book? i couldn't get hold of it. I hope to grab one. I gonna memorize each and every line that suits me.

Julia Mattucci-Clark

"We must, we must, we must increase our bust, the bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, we must increase our bust."

"Are you there God, it's me Margaret?": scandalous book that my friend Peggy had in 7th grade, at our Catholic school, we all took turns reading it, went to library secretly checking out Judy Blume books....

Black Diamonds

Hey, happy july 4th, what are some more good trashy books, to read, I am going to the thrift store and save some money, and read these books for my summer vacation, the only trashy books I liked are jackie collins "lucky santegelo" series of books her and her father were a trip, and some of her earlier books.

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