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Is that Gillette clip on Xuxa? Because it sure looks like Xuxa in a matador costume right at the beginning. And since my 12-years-younger sister was OBSESSED with Xuxa - I can tell you that her "kids'" show was WHACK. Totally not appropriate for kids. Although I can guarantee this episode didn't get aired over here. I would've remembered it. And cherished it. (So thanks for posting!)


IT IS XUXA! i remember how one lucky kid would get a kiss on the cheek from her at the end of each show, which would leave a big red lipstick mark, and then the boys would always happily point to their other cheek like MORE MORE MORE!


White dude in the white button-down is doing a fierce running man in that video.


I loved Xuxa. She was so inappropriately sexy for a kids show. I remember who my kindergarten students used to love to sing Short Dick Man at recess.

L. Holladay

The absolute best part of the video from Slammin' Rap? All the highway traffic in the background. Excellent.


I definitely remember rocking out to Short Dick Man when I was way, way too young to be listening to that shit. The scariest part is...I still remember all the words!

"I'm not selling blowjobs, I'm selling blowjobbies."
I love you so much!


Rich, you don't know how much you made my day by posting the 20 Fingers video and shouting me out.

Pre School Activity

Pre School Activity


Xuxa! Yay! The not safe for work kids show!


RICH! I totally saw you on VH1 this past weekend on a show about One-Hit Wonders (I think...I was just flipping channels and happened to stop right before you came that kismet or what?). I felt like I just saw someone I knew on TV and was so. excited. God, I'm pathetic. But ka-dooz (copyright: Ramona Singer from Real Housewives of New York - Um, yeah, please see previous sentence)!


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Rich Beischer

After a quick wikipedia search it seems Gilette is from New Jersey, figures... :-)


Oh man this is so awesome! Rick I think you would really, really love XUXA. I grew up in Latin America and I remember being totally fascinated with her because she dated Pele. And the gossip was that Pele didn't want to be responsible for taking her virginity and made her lose it to someone else instead before dating her.

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