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July 18, 2011



Poor woman had to cut her damn FUR!


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit



I was previously a big Lee Redmond fan, but Lee has been DISPLACED. Jazz's situation might not be as long as Lee's used to be, but she got it DECORATED.


i am dizzy! her nails are like sea creatures (making the crab-eating gif all the more confusing. and mesmerizing.)


I'm not as curious about the wiping as I am about the rings on her fingers . . .
Have they been on there for 22 years or does she take them on and off by threading them over each nail?


And yet, she keeps her hair short....

I want to cut off her nails while she's sleeping SO BADLY... becasue they disgust me, but also because I'm DYING to see what her reaction would be.

They're just nails, honey! And grotesque nails at at that!

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Oh God!!!!!!!!So long nails. How this can be possible. It makes me feel dirty to see such nails. Initially I thought of the woman holding flowers in her hand. but later on I discovered that its her nails.


I could watch her brush her teeth ALL DAY LONG.


What if she breaks one? Does the show cover that? I must know!!

PS: Having her eat crab legs was a genius move by the producers. It took me few minutes to decide if that was claw or nail I was watching.

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My god,So long nails.
How to sleep with it?

Kellie Altieri

ok .. I have one word that sums up how I feel about this "addiction" - DISGUSTED and I'll tell you why.

A. every time I looked at her nails, I wasn't captivated by the the words written on them, the countless different colors of polish or even how many bottles it took to polish her nails, the thing that kept stealing my attention was the brownish, yellowish, flaky looking, gnarly, gross underside of her nails and my mind would wander to how many thousands, no MILLIONS of bacteria, germs, and other nasties were nesting on those things. *shivers* She is a walking health hazard.

Excuse me while I go decontaminate now.

PS. While your .gifs cracked me up, they made my macbook take a huge dump. Not happy. And they also made my macbook's eyes bleed. And mine too. But, thank you for all the effort you put into this post because, it's things like this that make me feel a bit better about my life. :)

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