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July 26, 2011



I watched this in awe yesterday and the whole time I was hoping you were witnessing it too. Glad to see that was the case :)


I think she is in love with herself


For real!


What better way to show you approve of someone than beating them off?


What killed me was when she said it was so hard to design her exclusive rose print. After watching an hour and a half of Mimi's shenanigans,I turned to Absolutely Fabulous. I swear at the 4:55 mark of this video, Bo Chrysalis is wearing the exact same print...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2erq2mcwLgY&feature=related.

I believe that episode was from 2000-2001. So someone needs to tell the butterfly princess that her pattern isn't so exclusive.

I would also like to thank her for making childbirth seem so traumatic. I will never have kids because I don't want to be forced to wear stretch pants, horrible peasant tops and pave crystal, butterfly charm earrings.


Slouch boots are heinous.


She does have an obsession with certain words and "moment" seems to be a new one. She always repeats words like "nice", "festive", "bleak", "darling", "sublime" and the phrase "pink yet lavender" on a never ending loop. There are others but some lamb/stan will fill them in. I don't know if this is her poor attempt at trying to sound like the girls from Absolutely Fabulous or something deeper.

I'm not going to diagnose but I hear repetition or head counting of words in a sequence or succession is a symptom of some OCD patients. Just throwing it out there.


Ha! AbFab hivemind.


I love this video


When you take a gem like Mariah, Gawker barely alter the gem to just get is sold but you cut that gem to precision to make it sparkle for all to admire.

I been a fan of this site since 2006, and it was the best feeling when you added my site to your "So Into You" blogroll. I started recapping Project Runway because I was so taken by your perspective. Don't worry about being "FIRST", just worry about being better than rest of them no matter how long it takes.

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I love this video,Thanks for sharing!


Rich, I am so impressed that you managed to sit through the entire 8 hours of Mariah to put this together. Apparently "I love ..." is Mariah's "it's alright," a la Eeyore.

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I love the video. Thanks for the share and I think she is just plain gorgeous.

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The first video gave me anxiety at work. haha I couldn't finish watching it I wanted to kill myself. Thanks for sharing


she tells the poor co-host all about her child birth/pregnancy experience like she is the only woman in the world to have kids. and like he cares!! mariah you're nuts

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Thanks for sharing!

Joel Tarpanis

She's a selfish has been. She is rude, crude and quite frankly a bitch. Twenty years ago she was cute. But the act she puts on is just to over the top. Who cares about her? Really? She sits on a toilet like you and me. She isn't nothing but a person that was BORN able to carry a tune. That's it! She didn't spend 20 years practicing on a piano or on a guitar. Why people treat her like she's something special. She needs to get over herself!


Mariah is a very talented woman everyone always has something bad to say about her or any one else stop being haters if u can't say something nice don't be rude no need to hurt other peoples feelings Mariah is a beautiful person so she is a it of a diva but she has earned it god bless her an all that continue to b ugly to her

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