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July 28, 2011


Fredde Almqvist

as much as I love 2 man chain gang (and I DO)
I would love it if you two started kissing

food and sex. that really is everything.


You guys are funny!!! :)


LOVE Two Man Chain Gang!!


Two Man Chain Gang is one of my most favorite things! Excellent commentary as usual.

Anne Noise

Hilarious and informative and nostalgic - I had forgotten the Bloomin' Onion existed. So thanks for that.


Thank everything and anything you believe in that you didn't order the cheese fries. Same size as the Bloomin' Onion, covered in cheese and bacon, and served with ranch dressing to dip. I ate waaaaay too many of them in high school. This likely explains why I was so fat.


I kinda got sick to my stomach just thinking about the food there.


So true! Bloomin' onion looks a giant mutated spider that died on it's back and was deep fried. You guys need to do more of these!


Casket observation wins


Rich, I was just going to walk away but then I had to come back and say this: I WANT SO MUCH FOR YOU THAN THIS!!!

You're unevenly yoked here, you're so much better-looking, funnier and just plain awesomer than the other guy, plus: OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE? Really?

*in Brenda Blethyn voice* Swee-tee, dah-lin, yor breakin' my 'eart' with this here!!!!


Love this feature, but why is every video so quiet?? I had the volume on my laptop all the way up and still had to put my head next to the speakers to hear it. Please do something about the volume.

P.S. Please do Olive Garden next! You can't skip a place at which you're "family" when you go there!


What it the point of this? Seriously, what is the point of this? Chain restaurants are frequently gross. You felt a need to record this?


It's Moff's Law, but for chain restaurants, Jeff.



I was drunk and grouchy when posting the above comment. My comment was as pointless as I perceived the above video to be, which is more amusing to me now that I am sober.

Natty Soltesz

Hilarious as usual but maybe you would've had a better experience if you hadn't ordered a million things.


That bloomin' onion was left on too long and looked inedible. I feel the same way when people leave onion rings on too long, they need to be golden brown, not BLACK! Black onion rings don't taste good!


You guys are adorable, and I love 2MCG. I don't like going to chains at all, so I greatly appreciate your honest assessment of the meals (and calories), it's like I'm a stage-mom and experiencing schadenfreude all at once. I wish you could do it more than once a month, but I acknowledge any more and you may have a heart attack.


I look forward to these almost as much as Winston videos. I have never eaten at an Outback Steakhouse, but thank you for letting me live vicariously through the two of you and never having to actually do it myself.


Favorite one so far. Love the soul having to leave your body to make room for more crap and the fold up table/casket. Fantastic.

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Great video,I love 2MCG!


Hey guys! I'm the marketing director for the Chain Dining Society in DC. I just heard about you. We'd love to take a field trip to NY and have a meal of food. We're not as organized as the 2 Man Chain Gang, but we love chain dining just as much. www.chaindiningsociety.com. If there are 6 of us eating, we could do more than one app/dessert. If that's not reason enough, I don't know what is.


Please do Red Robin! It's my favourite and would love to hear your opinions.


Max don't listen to artemio. You're hot and funny too!!


Perfect summation, gentlemen! *applause*

As an aside, of all the restaurant gigs I had in my 20s, the Outback stands out - bar none - as the absolute worst, most wretched, f*ck-this-place job Ever. (And I bussed tables at Bennigans, so that's saying something.) ...Crikey.



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