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July 12, 2011



So what's you're writing is that if you read this book "you're gonna git rocked!"


La Toya's Joe Jackson controlled albums were the best he managed for any of his girls. While Rebbie churned out some great singles and Janet went on to eclipse her sisters, La Toya's albums were disco love wonderment.

The whole albums.

To this day there are La Toya fans who scoff at the true mastery of her career and try to draw attention to her truly worthy early albums. Frankly, her whole career is one. long. highlight.

Michael Singh


I just got the book today from Amazon. Those photos in it already made me laugh. Gotta love Latoya. Love your site.

Audrey Brown

Amazing! Reminds me of Chunk from Goonies and all of his kind-hearted whoppers...I think I love her even more now.


a very beautiful moment

Michael Singh

Another adorably clueless moment is where she where she takes part in the reality show 'Armed & Famous' after telling her mother

"it's something I need to do, Mother"

"One night, I was used as a prostitute decoy, which meant dressing up like a hooker and standing outside on the corner while johns pulled over and tried to pick me up"

Dressing up like a hooker. No sense of irony. I repeat gotta love Latoya.

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I love jackson forever!


I think she should be sorry! Playboy isn't appropriate, especially for someone who wants 15 year old girls to buy her music.

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have a nice day


La Toya Jackson is just odd, I had the chance of reading this book, it doesn`t even seem realistic, how the hell can she call it biography, is she living on "La La Land"?

Here`s my opinion about this dream biography:
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